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Is Trump using 'health attacks' on US diplomats in Havana as an excuse to punish Cuba? - The Conversation US

In a blow to diplomatic relations with Cuba, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Oct. 3 ejected 15 Cuban diplomats from the United States. The expulsion follows his withdrawal of most U.S. personnel from the embassy in Havana after 22 American ...and more »

What you need to know about travel to Cuba in the new Trump era - Miami Herald

An ominous U.S. State Department warning against visiting Cuba and a U.S.-mandated cutback in the consular officers who issue visas at the Cuban Embassy in Washington could put the chill on some U.S. travel to the island but not as much as might be ...and more »

What's a Science Reporter to Do When Sound Evidence Isn't Sound? - New York Times

On Tuesday, Michael Mason, my editor on the science desk, shot me an email. Would I consider writing an article about “this sonic 'attack' business”? I knew exactly what he was talking about. I had been vaguely puzzled about this business for months ...and more »

The response to 'health attacks' on US diplomats in Cuba suggests nobody knows what's going on - Business Insider

A woman cleans the entrance of a building next to a Cuban flag hung up to dry after Hurricane Irma caused flooding and a blackout, in Havana, September 11, 2017. REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini. The US has taken action against Cuba in response to attacks ...and more »

'Handful' of US citizens reported health attacks after visiting Cuba, State Dept. says - ABC News

One week after the Trump administration issued a travel warning for Cuba, it said that a "handful" of Americans who traveled to the island country reported to the State Department that they "experienced symptoms similar" to those affecting nearly two ...and more »

The Most Unbelievable Parts Of The Cuba 'Sonic Attack' Mystery - HuffPost

One of the most bizarre mysteries in international politics has been going on for months in Cuba, where a series of possible sonic attacks on foreign diplomats continues to puzzle investigators and increase tensions between the U.S. and the Havana ...and more »

Diplomats court Cuba to act as broker for Venezuela transition - Financial Times

When a cargo ship arrived in Cuba from Caracas this week, with supplies to help the island rebuild after Hurricane Irma, it carried a typically warm message from Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan president. “This modest help demonstrates our nations' civic ...and more »

US Will Expel 15 Cuban Diplomats Following Mystery Attacks - HuffPost

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration on Tuesday ordered the expulsion of 15 diplomats from Cuba's embassy in Washington following last week's U.S. move to pull more than half of its own diplomats out of Havana, a State Department official ...and more »

Some private citizens complain of health symptoms after visiting Cuba - CBS News

Some private U.S. citizens who traveled to Cuba say they have experienced symptoms similar to those suffered by at least 22 U.S. diplomats after mysterious acoustic attacks in Havana. "Since we issued the September 29 Travel Warning, we have received a ...and more »

Some US visitors to Cuba complain of symptoms similar to embassy 'attacks' -US - Arab News

WASHINGTON: A “handful” of private US citizens who traveled to Cuba say they have experienced symptoms similar to those suffered by American diplomats in mysterious health “attacks” in Havana, the US State Department said on Friday. A State Department ...and more »