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Against All Odds, Preacher Turns a '90s Relic Into a Really Good Show - WIRED

There have been stranger journeys to television than Preacher's, but not many. The series comes after years of failed attempts to adapt Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's original Preacher comic book series; previous imaginary adaptations involved people ...and more »

How Seth Rogen Made the Extremely Non-PC Comic Preacher Safe For TV - Vulture

In October 2013, zhlubby moguls Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg asked Breaking Bad writer and producer Sam Catlin to work with them as showrunner on a televised adaptation of the cult-hit comic-book series Preacher. They gave him a copy of the source ...and more »

Review: 'Preacher' Delivers Twisted Violence, Dark Humor And A Fun Ride - Tech Times

The road to adapting Preacher has been a long and rocky one. But now, 20 years after the DC/Vertigo comic book debuted in 1995, the adaptation is finally here, and fortunately for fans, the wait was well worth it. Like the comic, the debut episode ...and more »

'Preacher' Star Dominic Cooper's Dark Side: 'You Crave the Madness' - Daily Beast

How Dominic Cooper went from singing Abba songs with Meryl Streep and playing Saddam Hussein's son to starring in TV's buzziest new show, AMC's action-comedy Preacher. Kevin Fallon. 05.22.16 12:00 AM ET. Matthias Clamer/AMC. A preacher, a violent ...and more »

Why Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg Were The Right Guys To Bring 'Preacher' To Life — Finally -

ByJoey Esposito, writer at Joey Esposito is a writer and hoarder of things from New England, living in Los Angeles with his wife Amanda and their cat Reebo. He thinks: Joey Esposito. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's classic Vertigo series ...and more »

'Preacher' Star Joseph Gilgun on Vampires, God, and Other Imaginary Things - Observer

At a recent press conference for Preacher Seth Rogen described, or I should say marveled at, casting Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy for AMC's latest comic-adaptation: “It's one of those things that happens only a few times throughout your career, where you ...and more »

Preacher Series Premiere Recap: Genesis - Vulture

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy. Photo: Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC. Preacher. Pilot Season 1 Episode 1. Editor's Rating 5 stars. Prev Next Complete Series Coverage. When I first watched Preacher's pilot, a single ...and more »

How Preacher Went From Fringe Comic to Sinfully Good TV - WIRED

The '90s comic Preacher is beloved by many, but it's not an easy sell for general audiences: A possessed Texas preacher, his murderous ex-girlfriend, and a hard-partying Irish vampire team up to find God. Since the comic's inception, Hollywood has ...and more »

AMC's faith in 'Preacher' largely pays off - Los Angeles Times

"Preacher," a knockabout, comical creepshow based on the late-'90s Vertigo comic book of the same name, adds another genre series to the slate of AMC, already the home of "The Walking Dead," "Fear the Walking Dead" and "Into the Badlands." It's too ...and more »

The 'Preacher' twist too disgusting for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and Joe Gilgun's vampire glee - Los Angeles Times

If you ever need to find actor Joe Gilgun on the New Mexico set of AMC's new supernatural western “Preacher,” just follow the trail of blood. “[I'm] constantly covered in blood,” the tatted Englishman exclaims with a kind of mischievous glee. “There ...and more »