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Against All Odds, Preacher Turns a '90s Relic Into a Really Good Show - WIRED

There have been stranger journeys to television than Preacher's, but not many. The series comes after years of failed attempts to adapt Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's original Preacher comic book series; previous imaginary adaptations involved people ...and more »

How Seth Rogen Made the Extremely Non-PC Comic Preacher Safe For TV - Vulture

In October 2013, zhlubby moguls Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg asked Breaking Bad writer and producer Sam Catlin to work with them as showrunner on a televised adaptation of the cult-hit comic-book series Preacher. They gave him a copy of the source ...and more »

AMC's faith in 'Preacher' largely pays off - Los Angeles Times

"Preacher," a knockabout, comical creepshow based on the late-'90s Vertigo comic book of the same name, adds another genre series to the slate of AMC, already the home of "The Walking Dead," "Fear the Walking Dead" and "Into the Badlands." It's too ...and more »

How Preacher Went From Fringe Comic to Sinfully Good TV - WIRED

The '90s comic Preacher is beloved by many, but it's not an easy sell for general audiences: A possessed Texas preacher, his murderous ex-girlfriend, and a hard-partying Irish vampire team up to find God. Since the comic's inception, Hollywood has ...and more »

'Preacher' Star Dominic Cooper's Dark Side: 'You Crave the Madness' - Daily Beast

A preacher, a violent criminal, and a vampire walk into a bar. It's not the setup for a joke. It's an actual scene in a TV show from the brain trust of Seth Rogen, his This Is the End co-writer and co-director Evan Goldberg, the co-executive producer ...and more »

Preacher Series Premiere Recap: Genesis - Vulture

When I first watched Preacher's pilot, a single thought kept rattling around my skull: It's crazy that this show exists. It's based on a comic book that used gore, blasphemy, and pornography as its primary colors. Every previous attempt to adapt the ...and more »

The Less You Know About 'Preacher' the Better. Just Watch It. - New York Times

Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) is going through hell. Or rather, hell — or heaven, or some combination of the two — is going through him. Whatever it is, a supernatural force has rudely taken up residence in his body, giving him great power and a ...and more »

Seth Rogen and Chloë Grace Moretz tell us how they made the feminist comedy of the year - Business Insider

Chuck Zlotnick/Universal Hollywood studios have been taking a lot of body blows in the last few years. The lack of diversity in their casting has made the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite a trending topic the last two years when Academy Award nominations went out.and more »

Preacher Recap: Was the Series' Premiere Heavenly or Hellish? - TVLine

Loaded with eye-popping action sequences, cheeky humor and unexpected sweetness, the premiere of Preacher, based on the comic book series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, suggests that AMC's supernatural dramedy just might turn out to be the best ...and more »

'Preacher': Hellfire, Brimstone and the Perverse - New York Times

From its first issue, the comic-book series Preacher was teeming with outrageous scenarios and incendiary imagery: the aftermath of a daring escape from Heaven; an angel shown decapitated and another with its brains blown out by gunfire; and a small ...and more »