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Download the new, completely redesigned TechCrunch mobile app - TechCrunch

The TechCrunch mobile app was in dire need of a refresh, so we rebuilt it from the ground up. Starting today, you can download the new app in the iOS App Store or Google Play store. If you already have the old version of the app installed on your phone ...and more »

What the Heck Is Google's Plan for Android Wear? - Gizmodo

Take a moment and wander over to the online Google Store. You'll see beautiful photos of every product announced yesterday, and if you click on the links you can buy any of the items made by Google (including last year's Google Home) or made for Google ...and more »

Guardian VR: frequently asked questions - The Guardian

You will need a smartphone and a Google Cardboard headset. Download the free Guardian VR app on your phone at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Connect to wifi to avoid data charges. Choose an experience by clicking on the image and then ...and more »

Google pulls Android Wear watches out of Play Store - Digital Trends

If you want to buy an Android Wear watch, you won't find one in the Google Store when you pre-order a new Pixel 2 phone, because Google no longer sells them. This doesn't mean Android Wear is about to disappear, or be dropped by Google. According to ...and more »

Android Wear disappeared from the Google Store today and no one noticed [Update] - 9to5Google

Today's Google event focused on phones, speakers, and AI over all else. What's interesting is that the company not even one time mentioned Android Wear. Well, that story gets a bit more interesting when you look closer at the Google Store. After today ...and more »

Android Wear gone from Google Store, only in-house hardware - SlashGear

It isn't the writing on the wall for Android Wear, but it certainly becomes a bit harder to be one. Android Wear already has a problem in terms of adoption and popularity and Google just made it even harder to buy them from a single place. The LG Watch ...and more »

Google removes Android Wear section from its online store - Engadget

Google may have unveiled gobs of hardware at its October 4th event, but it also took something away in the process: namely, the Android Wear section of its online store. You won't see any mention of it on the shop, and this year's reference ...and more »

Google quietly removed smartwatches from its online store - Mashable

At its big event Wednesday, Google launched a ton of new hardware: Two phones, a laptop, two new smart speakers, and wireless headphones. But new smartwatches were suspiciously absent from the event, even though the latest major version of Google's ...and more »

Google and the Smartwatch: What's next for Android Wear? - Stark Insider

Google launched its wearable OS, Android Wear, in 2014. To much fanfare. All of us early adopters, tech writers, and geeks were fully on board. The future was right there on your wrist. All of a sudden we could all be Dick Tracy. After a few bumps ...and more »

Snapchat and Streaming Apps Killing Your Battery - The Vector: NJIT's Student Newspaper

Snapchat, a video and photo sending application, is known by many of its users to be a “battery hog” or a software application that uses up a lot of battery. This can be attributed to its high bandwidth usage and its location tracking services. But the ...and more »