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Airlines in Asia could get a lift from Alaska-Virgin merger - Business Insider

(Reuters) - Alaska Air Group Inc's plan to buy Virgin America Inc makes the company a more attractive partner to Asian airlines looking for extra revenue from connecting passengers to flights within the United States, industry executives and experts ...and more »

Branson: 'Nothing I could do to stop' Virgin America merger - USA TODAY

British entrepreneur Richard Branson acknowledged Monday's news of the planned acquisition of Virgin America, the U.S. airline he helped found in 2007. “I would be lying if I didn't admit sadness that our wonderful airline is merging with another ...and more »

America's Best Airlines 2016 - Forbes

Virgin America retains its crown as America's best airline for the fourth consecutive year, based on performance data from 2015, amid broad improvements in the airline industry, though it will soon surrender its independence. Coming alongside the news ...and more »

Alaska Airlines Said to Be Near $2 Billion Deal for Virgin America - New York Times

Virgin America, founded on the premise of being a cool airline shuttling people from New York to California in style, is near a deal to sell itself to a competitor originally created to ferry people 330 miles across Alaska. Alaska Airlines is poised to ...and more »

Alaska Air Strikes Deal to Buy Virgin America for $2.6 Billion - Wall Street Journal

Alaska Air Group Inc. said Monday morning that it had reached a deal to buy Virgin America Inc., winning a frenzied bidding war with rival JetBlue Airways Corp. The parent company of Alaska Airlines said it would pay $57 a share for Virgin, a 47 ...and more »

Alaska Airlines just massively overpaid for Virgin America, and it's a deceptively smart move - Business Insider

AP Seattle-based Alaska Airlines announced Monday that it would acquire Virgin America for $2.6 billion after a short bidding war with JetBlue. The value of the deal, including Virgin's debt and aircraft-leasing obligations, could reach $4 billion ...and more »

Alaska Air Sees Virgin America as Key to West Coast - New York Times

In agreeing to buy Virgin America for $2.6 billion, Alaska Air Group is betting that the airline industry is so consolidated after years of mergers that what it needs is another takeover. The acquisition of Virgin America, the sleek but embattled young ...and more »

Richard Branson: I couldn't stop Virgin America sale - CNBC

While shares of Virgin America jumped more than 40 percent on its $4 billion sale to Alaska Air, the airline's founder isn't pleased. Sir Richard Branson expressed his disappointment on the Virgin Group blog. "I would be lying if I didn't admit sadness ...and more »

Alaska Airlines Acquires Virgin America: A Merger We Can Get Behind - Travel+Leisure

Great planes, great customer service, and the possibility for a killer loyalty program make this merger one to celebrate. Nikki Ekstein. April 04, 2016. There's officially a little less competition in the friendly skies: Alaska Airlines has acquired ...and more »

Goodbye, Virgin America! I Hardly Knew You - Money Magazine

Yesterday I finally got around to flying on groovy, va-va-voom Virgin America. Today comes word that VX (those are its sexy code letters) is being bought by the decidedly more rugged Alaska Airlines. Was it something I said? It will take months before ...and more »