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Why part of Spain is trying to secede — and why the Spanish government cracked down on it - Vox

Two million voters in Catalonia, one of the wealthiest provinces in Spain, voted on Sunday to secede and create a new nation of their own. The Spanish government maintained that the vote was illegal as well as unrepresentative, and there's zero chance ...and more »

Stanford scholar assesses Catalonia referendum and potential impact across Europe - Stanford University News

Francois Diaz-Maurin, a visiting scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation, analyzes Catalonia's referendum attempt, the Spanish government's response and the impact these events could have across Europe. Facebook · Twitter ...and more »

Catalonia's Independence Vote Descends Into Chaos and Clashes - New York Times

BARCELONA, Spain — Catalonia's defiant attempt to stage an independence referendum descended into chaos on Sunday, with hundreds injured in clashes with police in one of the gravest tests of Spain's democracy since the end of the Franco dictatorship ...and more »

Catalonia's independence vote: What you need to know - Washington Post

This post has been updated. Spain is in a political crisis. On Oct. 1, the Catalonia region voted to secede. Spanish courts ruled the outcome illegal. And Friday, the Spanish Senate took the unprecedented and extraordinary step of announcing that ...and more »

Here's what would happen if Catalonia won independence - Business Insider

MADRID (AP) — The northeastern region of Catalonia, one of Spain's autonomous regions, is threatening to declare its independence from Spain following a disputed referendum that, it says, gave it a mandate to break away. catalonia spain barcelona ...and more »

King of Spain accuses Catalan leaders of 'unacceptable disloyalty' - CNN

Barcelona (CNN) The King of Spain lashed out at Catalan authorities on Tuesday evening after hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Catalonia to vent their fury over the violent police crackdown on Sunday's contested independence ...and more »

What happened with Catalonia's vote for independence — and what's next - PBS NewsHour

Leaders in Catalonia say voters in the northeast region of Spain overwhelmingly cast ballots for independence from Spain in a Sunday referendum. But the country's central government won't recognize the vote, calling it illegal. Since then, protesters ...and more »

Catalonia referendum result plunges Spain into political crisis - CNN

Barcelona (CNN) Spain is facing a political and constitutional crisis after Catalans voted in favor of independence in a contested referendum that descended into chaos when police launched a widespread and violent crackdown. The Catalan government said ...and more »

Spanish stocks suffer worst day in 15 months as rift over Catalonia independence deepens - MarketWatch

Spanish stocks and bonds tumbled on Wednesday as tensions between Catalan secessionists and the government in Madrid deepened, which some market participants feared would only strengthen the resolve to push for independence. The IBEX 35 index IBEX, +0 ...and more »

Catalonia Leaders Seek to Make Independence Referendum Binding - New York Times

BARCELONA, Spain — The leader of Catalonia insisted on Monday that Sunday's independence referendum, though marred by clashes and rejected by the Spanish government, had earned his region the right to a separate state and that he would press ahead to ...and more »