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Catalonia's Independence Vote and the Resistance to Centralism - National Review

If “No taxation without representation” was the motto of the American Revolution, “Madrid nos roba” is the motto of Catalonia's independence movement. The saying, which translates to “Madrid robs us,” summarizes the view of many in the northeastern ...and more »

Here's what would happen if Catalonia won independence - Business Insider

MADRID (AP) — The northeastern region of Catalonia, one of Spain's autonomous regions, is threatening to declare its independence from Spain following a disputed referendum that, it says, gave it a mandate to break away. catalonia spain barcelona ...and more »

Catalonia Referendum: Police Accused Of Excessive Force, Injure 760 Protestors - The Inquisitr

Hundreds of people have been injured in clashes between Spain's Guardia Civil police force and protestors as residents of Catalonia seek to vote in the region's independence referendum. Amid a flurry of claim and counter-claim, Barcelona's mayor has ...and more »

The Spanish Government Just Energized Catalonia's Independence Movement - The Nation.

The image of black-visored riot police clubbing peaceful citizens will long haunt Catalonia's collective memory. By Sebastiaan Faber and Bécquer Seguín. October 4, 2017. fb; tw; mail; Print; msg; wa; sms. Catalonia referendum protest. People gather ...and more »

Catalan crisis: More populism than separatism? - BBC News

Emotions are running high in Catalonia today. Of course they are. "The Spanish government is like an abusive husband," one activist raged at me today. "He says he loves you, that he can't live without you. Then, he beats you to stop you from leaving.".and more »

Stanford scholar assesses Catalonia referendum and potential impact across Europe - Stanford University News

Sunday's referendum vote in Catalonia, a northeast region of Spain seeking independence, was marred with violence as police forces from the Spanish government, which deemed the referendum illegal, clashed with Catalonians attempting to vote. Catalan ...and more »

Catalonia is calling the EU for help after its “traumatic” independence referendum - Quartz

Catalonia's regional government asked the European Union to intervene in its dispute with the central government in Spain, in order to avoid a “traumatic” split. Catalan president Carles Puigdemont claimed that the independence referendum held on Oct ...and more »

Spain's Rajoy sets the stage for a bigger battle over Catalonia - Washington Post

Want smart analysis of the most important news in your inbox every weekday along with other global reads, interesting ideas and opinions to know? Sign up for the Today's WorldView newsletter. On Sunday, Catalonia's controversial independence ...and more »

The Spanish Court Decision That Sparked the Modern Catalan Independence Movement - The Atlantic

In 2010 Spain's Constitutional Court issued a landmark ruling that inadvertently laid the ground for Sunday's independence referendum in Catalonia. At issue was the 2006 Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, a law passed by the legislature in the ...and more »

Catalans Who Did Not Vote (More Than Half) Ask: What Now? - New York Times

BARCELONA — A tide of emotion has washed over Catalonia in the past few days, over those who demand separation from Spain and those who oppose it. Graffiti has appeared overnight, proclaiming, “We are not Spanish.” Crowds have marched past ...and more »