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Rust Programming Language Takes More Central Role in Firefox Development - BleepingComputer

Starting with the release of Firefox 54, the Rust programming language will take a bigger role in the Firefox browser, as more and more components will work on top of this new technology developed in the past years by the Mozilla Research team. For ...and more »

Mozilla to nail Firefox's NPAPI coffin in four weeks - Computerworld

Mozilla in four weeks will bar plug-ins built using a decades-old technology from Firefox, ending a years-long process designed to make the browser more secure. The single exception to the ban: Adobe's Flash Player, which will continue to run, with ...and more »

Firefox To Drop Most NPAPI Plugins, Focus On Rust Code, In Future Versions - Tom's Hardware

Almost two years after Chrome started removing support for NPAPI plugin support, Firefox is following in its footsteps by removing support for most NPAPI plugins, with the exception of Flash, in version 52. Starting with Firefox 54, the browser will ...and more »

Mozilla terminates its Firefox OS - Deccan Chronicle

Mozilla had launched Firefox OS in 2013 with several device partnerships and carriers for emerging markets. Mozilla has put its team of 50 members responsible for its connected devices group on standby — responsible for the failed Firefox OS. In a ...and more »

Mozilla to Require Rust (and Dependencies) for Firefox - PC Perspective

Firefox 52 will be the company's next Extended Support Release (ESR) branch of their popular web browser. After this release, Mozilla is planning a few changes that will break compatibility, especially if you're building the browser from source. If you ...and more »

Javapocalypse soon! Oracle warns devs to bin plugins, fast - The Register

Oracle's warned developers who still expect browsers to run code developed for Java plugins to get busy finding an alternative. The developers behind all major browsers have decided the NPAPI framework invented last millennium by Netscape has had its ...and more »

Firefox 52 to drop support for NPAPI plugins - MyBroadband

Mozilla is set to drop support for all NPAPI plugins – except Flash – from 7 March. The move coincides with the scheduled release of Firefox 52. NPAPI (Netscape Plugins API) is an “ancient plugins infrastructure inherited from the old Netscape browser ...and more »

Mozilla will need rust - Fudzilla (blog)

Apparently so much of the Rust language is in the Firefox components built with the language that Mozilla has decided to go the whole hog... or rather the whole Red Panda. This might restrict the number of platforms that Firefox can be ported to as ...and more »

Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox – Security, Privacy and Efficiency Comparison - TNH Online

When it comes to internet browsers, people tend to stick to one browser and completely dismiss any of the alternatives. You could say that it's human nature to be unwilling to get out of your comfort zone, but what if a far better browser experience is ...and more »

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox Engage in a Battle for Supremacy - Capitalberg

Even though Microsoft Edge is regarded as the safest browser, Google Chrome is breathing down its neck and Mozilla Firefox picked up the pace, as well. With so many popular options to choose from and the constant threat cyber attacks pose to one's ...and more »