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On Asteroid Day, UN space agency urges international cooperation against potential threat - UN News Centre

30 June 2017 – A top United Nations official today urged the international community to come together to jointly raise awareness and develop a plan to mitigate the danger from a potential asteroid impact. Marking the first observance of International ...and more »

NASA has found 16000 asteroids near Earth. Don't panic. - Vox

Billions of years ago, when the solar system formed, it left behind large chunks of space rocks that weren't big enough to become planets. Image by NASA. There are millions of such rocks, called asteroids, in the solar system. An estimated 1 million to ...and more »

Asteroid Day: Monitoring the skies for the next strike - CNN

(CNN) Friday is International Asteroid Day. A 24-hour live broadcast will include everything you've ever wanted to know about these rocky bits of space debris, the threats they may pose to Earth and what we can gain from studying them. You can tune in ...and more »

Why an asteroid (probably) won't wipe us out -

Is there an asteroid out there with the potential to wipe out life on our planet? It's unlikely, but astronomers around the world are tracking anything that could come close to Earth. (Alexyz3d/Shutterstock). On the morning of June 30, 1908, the sky ...and more »

What can we learn from asteroids? - Chemistry World

There are two main types of flying space rock – comets and asteroids – and their differences stem from their composition. Comets tend to be 'dirty snowballs' of ice and rock, whilst asteroids are composed of a combination of rock and metal. At the most ...and more »

An asteroid was streaking toward Earth. A collision seemed all too possible. - Washington Post

On Dec. 6, 1997, Jim Scotti of the Spacewatch program at the University of Arizona spotted an asteroid. This wasn't entirely unusual. The problem: It appeared the asteroid was on a possible collision course with Earth. Asteroid 1997 XF11, as it was ...and more »

Giant Asteroid Heading Earth's Way With Possible Impact in the Future - Nature World News

When the end of the world comes, do you think it's going to be because of an asteroid? The famous near-Earth asteroid Apophis will be missing the planet by a hair on 2029, but a future collision is possible, according to a report from Astro Watch ...and more »

11 tips for viewing and collecting asteroid fragments - Imperial College London

Imperial researchers give tips about how to observe shooting stars and what to do if they fall to Earth, as part of Asteroid Day celebrations. Asteroid Day is a UN sanctioned global day of education to raise awareness about asteroids. The day is also ...and more »

NASA FDL Developing New Approaches to Asteroid, Comet and Solar Threats Using AI - SETI Institute

Mountain View, CA - Asteroid Day, June 30th - What do astrophysicist Steven Hawking, Queen guitarist Brian May and the country of Luxembourg have in common? They're all key figures in Asteroid Day - a UN sanctioned day of education to raise awareness ...and more »

Asteroid Day is an annual reminder of threats to the Earth - WTOP

WASHINGTON — June 30, 2015, was the first Asteroid Day, which organizers called a “global awareness movement where people from around the world come together to learn about asteroids and what we can do to protect our planet” from asteroid and comet ...and more »