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Happiness can trigger 'broken heart syndrome,' too: study -

While funerals and breakups are enough to induce what cardiologists call “broken heart syndrome,” new research suggests that happy events – like weddings or having a baby – could have the same effect on the heart. You feel aches and pain in your chest ...and more »

Takotsubo, The 'Broken Heart Syndrome', Can Also Be Triggered By Extreme Happiness And Joy - Medical Daily

It really is possible to die from a “broken heart,” but it's also possible to die from the opposite: a heart so full of joy that it triggers the same condition as broken heart syndrome. In new research published in the European Health Journal ...and more »

The Human Heart Can Literally Burst With Joy, New Research Finds - HowStuffWorks NOW

In the early 1900s, a light-skinned young black woman leaves home to pass as white. Overcome with grief at her daughter's rejection of family and tradition, an aging mother dies of a broken heart. That's precisely what happens in Fannie Hurst's 1933 ...and more »

Happiness Can Set Off Broken Heart Syndrome - Tech Times

A rare condition called "broken heart syndrome" is often linked to an emotionally difficult or stressful event, but findings of a new study suggest that the condition can also be caused by happy events and those that elicit positive emotions. Also ...and more »

'Broken-heart Syndrome' Also Caused by Too Much Happiness - Laboratory Equipment

Takotsubo syndrome, first described in the medical literature in 1990, has come to be known as “broken-heart syndrome.” Grief, anger or fear in excess can cause serious overstimulation of the nervous system, which leads to heart arrhythmias or outright ...and more »

How moments of pure joy can (literally) break your heart - STAT

adness can break your heart — and so can happiness, as it turns out. An international research group has identified 20 individuals whose heart muscles seized up and temporarily stopped working after they experienced a moment of incredible joy, such as ...and more »

Happy Events Can Spur 'Broken Heart Syndrome' - Live Science

A rare condition known as "broken heart syndrome" is usually brought on by an emotionally devastating or stressful event. But now, a new study from Europe reveals the condition can also be brought on by happy events and positive emotions. This is the ...and more »

Can you die of a happy heart? - RedOrbit

Dubbed “broken heart syndrome”, Takotsubo syndrome (TTS) is normally triggered by considerable emotional problems, such as despair or anger, with patients having chest pains and shortness of breath. However, a new study published in the European Heart ...and more »

'Broken Heart Syndrome' Caused by Happiness, Too - Daily Beast

Sixteen years after scientists first discovered “broken heart syndrome,” a new study suggests its nickname may be misplaced. Why? Because happy hearts can cause it too. Characterized by shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, Takotsubo ...and more »

Being too happy could cause you to have a heart attack, scientists warn -

Too much happiness could trigger a heart attack, a new study has found. Scientists have long known that extreme emotional distress can cause a potentially fatal weakening of the heart. But new research has discovered that the same can occur from sheer ...and more »