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Researchers confirm 'lost continent' below Mauritius -

A layover on a trip to India began a research odyssey that has led scientists to verify the existence of a "lost continent" below the East African island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. A paper published in the journal Nature Communications ...and more »

3-Billion-Year-Old 'Lost Continent' Lurking Under African Island - Live Science

A fleck of iridescent zircon that is embedded in a piece of trachyte. The zircon is up to 3 billion years old, while the trachyte is about 6 million years old. The traces of zircon reveal that a lost continent is lurking beneath Mauritius. Credit: Wits ...and more »

Study confirms existence of 'lost continent' under Indian Ocean - News24

Durban – A study headed up by a Wits University geologist has confirmed the existence of a "lost continent" under the island of Mauritius. Professor Lewis Ashwal is the lead author of the paper: Archaean zircons in Miocene oceanic hotspot rocks ...and more »

Scientists discover 'lost continent' Mauritia in the Indian Ocean -

They believe the landmass, located below Mauritius, was left over when India and Madagascar started to pull apart after the Gondwana supercontinent split. by Scroll Staff. Published Feb 02, 2017 · 09:46 am. Scientists discover 'lost continent' Mauritia ...and more »

An ancient "lost" continent resurfaces in Mauritius - New Atlas

Just like people, continents break up and drift apart. And just like messy human relationships, sometimes an ex that you thought you had forgotten resurfaces unexpectedly. Happily though, today's case does not involve any mean texts or tweets, but the ...and more »

Scientists Say Lost Ancient Continent Lies Beneath Island in Indian Ocean - History

The Coloured Earths, a geological formation near Chamarel, Mauritius. (Credit: DEA / C. SAPPA / Getty Images). Print; Cite. Article Details: Scientists Say Lost Ancient Continent Lies Beneath Island in Indian Ocean. Author. Sarah Pruitt. Website Name ...and more »

Lost continent under Mauritius found in Indian Ocean - Zee News

By studying the mineral, zircon, found in rocks spewed up by lava during volcanic eruptions, the scientists concluded that remnants of this mineral were far too old to belong to the island of Mauritius. By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: Feb 03, 2017, 13 ...and more »

Researchers Think They've Found a Mini Continent in the Indian Ocean - Smithsonian

About 200 million years ago, the supercontinent of Gondwana—essentially an an agglomeration of Africa, South America, India, Australia and Antarctica—began slowly ripping apart into the continents recognizable today. But a new study suggests that ...and more »

'Lost continent' found under Mauritius in the Indian Ocean - CNN

It might sound implausible, but deep at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, a research team, led by South Africa's University of the Witwatersrand, has found pieces of an ancient continent. The lava-covered piece of continent, dubbed 'Mauritia,' was found ...and more »

Found: A Lost Continent! (Really) - TIME

You'd think it would be hard to misplace an entire continent, what with the mountains and trees and all that other hard-to-miss stuff. Now, however, it seems that one of Earth's continents indeed went missing. The good news is, it's at last been found ...and more »