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Here's What Nintendo Has To Say About Rumors Of A 3DS Successor - Forbes

We are always considering and working on what should come next after the current gaming hardware is released. It's difficult to say if we will release a new one. Now, hardware research and development is always an ongoing endeavor. The question then is ...and more »

Nintendo Switch's Super Bowl ad scores big praise from marketing analysts - TechnoBuffalo

Sunday's Super Bowl was pretty great, wasn't it?! I woke up at 6:30 AM, dragged myself to the nearest sports bar in downtown Kobe, Japan, suffered through the three most disappointing quarters of football I had ever seen, and then watched my New ...and more »

19 Things Nintendo's President Told Us About Switch and More - TIME

A little over a year ago, TIME engaged Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima in a wide-ranging conversation about the company's fledgling mobile strategy, its struggles with the Wii U, the rise of its toys-to-life Amiibo figurines and a mystery-cloaked ...and more »

The Nintendo Switch won't ship with a web browser - The Verge

The Nintendo Switch won't have a web browser when it's released on March 3rd. “Since all of our efforts have gone toward making Switch an amazing dedicated video game platform, it will not support it, at least at launch,” Nintendo president and CEO ...and more »

Nintendo Addresses Lack of Switch Backwards Compatibility - IGN

By Jose Otero Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima explained the Switch's lack of backward compatibility and that more ports from previous Nintendo systems could come to the system in the future. Exit Theatre Mode. "Switch is not backward compatible ...and more »

Nintendo's studios have 'mastered' the Unreal engine for Switch - Developer Tech

Nintendo has often been criticised for prioritising the company's internal developers, over-relying on historic franchises, and making it difficult for third-party studios to develop or port games with a lack of support for standard industry engines ...and more »

The 8 Most Interesting Things Nintendo Told Us About Switch - TIME

TIME recently spoke with Nintendo Director Shinya Takahashi and Switch Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi about the company's forthcoming hybrid mobile/TV games console. With its launch imminent (it arrives on March 3 for $299), both were focused on known ...and more »

Nintendo Switch: Miyamoto says devs making PC games can easily port them over - TechnoBuffalo

Nintendo's trying its hardest to attract third-party developers to the Nintendo Switch. Those publishers, which make great games, have been wary of Nintendo for multiple generations, and the sales results of the Wii U haven't helped ease those fears ...and more »

Shinya Takahashi Is the 'Conductor' Taking Nintendo into the Future - TIME

Shinya Takahashi, managing executive officer with Nintendo Co., speaks during an unveiling event for Nintendo Co.'s Switch game console in Tokyo on Friday, Jan. 13, 2017. Kiyoshi Ota—Bloomberg/Getty Images. By Matt Peckham. February 6, 2017. A funny ...and more »

FIFA on Switch will be FIFA 18, possible September launch - Gamereactor UK

With the launch of the Switch fast approaching on March 3, Nintendo and EA are back working together once again. This comes after the publisher stepped away from Wii U, although at the moment the only EA game confirmed for the console-handheld hybrid ...and more »