Prey First Hands-On Impressions: A System Shock of the Best Kind - IGN

By Ryan McCaffrey After playing the first hour of Prey, I realized that it will be nearly impossible for me to avoid spoilers while telling you about it thanks to the big twist that unravels in the first 15 or so minutes. So before I throw out the ...and more »

Hands-on with Bethesda's Prey reboot -

The world has changed a lot since the first Prey game hit shelves more than a decade ago. Then again, so has Prey itself, judging from WIRED's hands-on with Bethesda's ground-up reworking of the first-person shooter.and more »

Prey: Nothing like the original—and all the better for it - Ars Technica

As any good editor knows, the key to a compelling story—whether an article, book, or film—is a compelling opening. Don't get bogged down in extraneous details, or runaway metaphors. Deliver a sucker punch of truths straight to the gut, and keep 'em ...and more »

Prey Will Have "A Wide Variance" Of Endings - GameSpot

Your actions will dictate the ending you see in the upcoming Prey, according to developer Arkane Studios. Speaking with GameSpot, lead designer Ricardo Bare revealed Prey has more than one ending. "How you treat the human beings on the station ...and more »

'Feels like a different life': Arkane's Colantonio on going from Arx Fatalis to Prey - Gamasutra

Arkane Studios' Raphael Colantonio is probably best known among developers today for his work on Dishonored with fellow co-creative director Harvey Smith. But by the time Dishonored shipped in 2012 Colantonio had already been working at Arkane for ...and more »

The '60s Space Program Lives on in Arkane's Stylish and Spooky Prey [Preview] - Arcade Sushi

"The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds." - John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States of America. For thousands of years, visiting space was a dream thought untenable, though it didn't stop many of the great ...and more »

Prey makes everyday objects incredibly frightening -

The most tense sci-fi finds terror in the familiar. On Talos I, the space station in Prey – an upcoming game from the developer behind GQ's favourite game of 2016, Dishonored 2 – there is danger in the most quotidian objects. That's because your foes ...and more »

Dishonored Dev's Prey Could Be The Ultimate Sci-Fi Sandbox - GameSpot

In the earliest moments of Prey's opening hour, I found myself trapped in my own apartment. The windows were sealed, the doors were locked, and the elevator in the hallway was broken. Eventually I figured out I could smash my way through a sliding ...and more »

Dizzying, Disorienting, and Enticing: This is Not The Prey We Once Knew - Paste Magazine

Prey is disorienting from the start. The demo begins with me (as the androgynously-named protagonist Morgan Yu) waking up in a high-rise studio apartment, furnished and decorated with contemporary flavor. I'm greeted with a call from Alex Yu, Morgan's ...and more »

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When it comes to basic sci-fi setups, nobody would ever accuse “fighting for your life on a space station that's been taken over by aliens” of being particularly fresh. Whether you're talking about movies, books, or games, it's the kind of premise that ...and more »