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Dishonored Dev's Prey Could Be The Ultimate Sci-Fi Sandbox - GameSpot

In the earliest moments of Prey's opening hour, I found myself trapped in my own apartment. The windows were sealed, the doors were locked, and the elevator in the hallway was broken. Eventually I figured out I could smash my way through a sliding ...and more »

Prey review: a jarring mix tape of other games -

After a week spent on Prey, we still can't quite decide if our ultimate impression is one of boredom or frustration. Make no mistake, Bethesda's psychological space horror is, mechanically at least, a fine game that does many things well. Its daunting ...and more »

Hands-on Preview: Prey hits the ground running - PC PowerPlay

An hour of hands-on time with the opening or Arkane Studios' first-person action Prey reboot shows a lot of promise. By Nathan Lawrence on Feb 16 2017 10:48PM. 0 · 0 · 0. Hands-on Preview: Prey hits the ground running. For the longest time, I refused ...and more »

Prey Preview & Impressions - Den of Geek US

It was an incredibly strange feeling to get my hands on Prey for the first time. In some ways, it felt like experiencing a moment that I wasn't sure would ever come. 2006's Prey is infamous as the game that was originally conceived in 1995 and finally ...and more »

Dizzying, Disorienting, and Enticing: This is Not The Prey We Once Knew - Paste Magazine

Prey is disorienting from the start. The demo begins with me (as the androgynously-named protagonist Morgan Yu) waking up in a high-rise studio apartment, furnished and decorated with contemporary flavor. I'm greeted with a call from Alex Yu, Morgan's ...and more »

'Prey' Hands-On Preview: Arkane Studios is throwing back to classic PC games with 'Prey' - Mic

In last year's Dishonored 2, Arkane Studios proved once again that classic PC stealth games like Thief have a place in this day and age. Using supernatural powers to slink your way through thoughtfully designed steampunk environments and deal with ...and more »

Hands-on with Prey: System Shock's spirit lives in this ambitious reboot - PCWorld

A month ago, Bethesda's Pete Hines was quoted by Official Xbox Magazine as saying “it's not like we're working with Arkane and asking them to make racing or rugby games,” the implication being that Prey and Dishonored are similar because, well, that's ...and more »

Prey: Nothing like the original—and all the better for it - Ars Technica

As any good editor knows, the key to a compelling story—whether an article, book, or film—is a compelling opening. Don't get bogged down in extraneous details, or runaway metaphors. Deliver a sucker punch of truths straight to the gut, and keep 'em ...and more »

Bethesda's 'Prey' reboot makes you fear everything - Engadget

Prey is all about deception. The first-person shooter starts off simple enough: You're a scientist beginning a new job at your brother's massive research company. You wake up in your bedroom, do some exploring and board a helicopter on top of your roof ...and more »

Prey hands-on preview – shock to the system - Metro

The makers of Dishonored create a psychological sci-fi mystery, where nothing is as it seems – not even the coffee cups. We've had a few reviews in our time where we've had no choice but to resort to spoilers, as the only way to offer a meaningful ...and more »