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Canceled Star Wars: Republic Commando 2 Details Revealed - GameSpot

Star Wars: Republic Commando released more than a decade ago, but a recent interview with the shooter's lead developer has revealed details of what a sequel could have been. There were two potential stories, and one of them answered questions about a ...and more »

'Star Wars: Republic Commando' Never Got A Sequel - But LucasArts Had Ideas - Tech Times

When it comes to Star Wars video games, most people will tell you that the best ones are either Battlefront II or Knights of the Old Republic...but there's one title that's often overlooked. Star Wars: Republic Commando was a squad-based tactical ...and more »

Star Wars: Republic Commando Developer Talks Sequel Plans and Sev's Fate - Cinelinx

Fans have long clamored for a sequel to Star Wars: Republic Commando, especially since the ending left on something of a cliffhanger and one character's fate unresolved. I got the chance to speak with the game's lead programmer Brett Douville who ...and more »

Star Wars: Republic Commando would have told the Rebellion's origin story - VG247

Star Wars: Republic Commando fans can finally find out what happened to Sev. star_wars_republic_commando. Remember Star Wars: Republic Commando? The 2005 PC and Xbox shooter was fairly well-received and sucked players in with its characters ...and more »

Both Of Republic Commando's Sequel Pitches Sounded Awesome - Kotaku

While Republic Commando never actually got a sequel, for a short time plans were in place to make one. At Lucasarts HQ, there were two competing storylines vying for selection. Brett Douville, lead developer on the game, has been speaking with cinelinx ...and more »

Former LucasArts Dev Talks Cancelled Republic Commando Sequel - Game Rant

Over the years, there have been many video games set in the Star Wars universe that went beyond normal expectations for licensed content. These titles often received at least one or two sequels — something that can't be said for squad-based FPS and ...and more »

Lead Developer of Star Wars: Republic Commando Reveals Details about Cancelled Sequel -

For fans of Star Wars: Republic Commando, the Lead Developer of the game Brett Douville shared some details about the game's cancelled sequel. For those unfamiliar, Republic Commando was the story of Delta Squad, a group of four Clone Troopers ...and more »

Star Wars Republic Commando Sequel Premise, Sev's Fate, Revealed - Gameranx (blog)

Are you still wondering about what could have happened with Star Wars Republic Commando 2? Now there's an answer. Ryan Parreno / Updates / EA, LucasArts, Star Wars Republic Commando /. star wars republic_commando_by_11y60. Are you still ...and more »

Whatever happened to Star Wars: Republic Commando 2? - Gamereactor UK

We are closing in on eleven years since the release of Star Wars: Republic Commando. The game never got a sequel, in spite of numerous rumours throughout the years. Well, not mere rumours it would seem, as a sequel was indeed in development for a ...and more »