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StrongPity APT Targets Users of Encryption Software - Softpedia News

An APT group nicknamed StrongPity has put a lot of effort into a recent campaign that has targeted users of encryption software such as TrueCrypt and WinRAR. Kaspersky Lab says the group had been active in past years, but it employed mostly zero-days ...and more »

StrongPity APT attack group booby-trapped WinRAR and TrueCrypt downloads - Computerworld

Kaspersky Lab revealed an advanced persistent threat (APT) group that is so focused on encrypted data and communications that it has been targeting and tainting crypto downloads. By infecting users before encryption occurred, the attackers could spy on ...and more »

WinRar and TrueCrypt Installer Dropping Malware on Users' PCs - Hack Read

Be careful when you download WinRar or TrueCrypt installer – Researchers have found several websites distribution malware infected files for both installers. A recent report by Kaspersky Lab stated that a new malware known as StrongPity has been found ...and more »

Downloaders beware! Hackers just released StrongPity, a fake file-compression tool - Digital Trends

New malware called StrongPity targets web surfers looking for the popular tools WinRAR and TrueCrypt, Security firm Kaspersky Lab revealed on Monday. The former is a file compression program, and the latter was once an open-source, on-the-fly ...and more »

StrongPity APT Covets Secrets of Crypto Users - Threatpost

APT groups covet secrets, and one in particular has chosen to target users intent on protecting theirs. The group is known as StrongPity, and it's been a characteristic APT outfit using its share of zero days and modular attack tools to infiltrate ...and more »