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Amazon's Echo Dot, Tap, Alexa equate to Amazon Everywhere strategy - ZDNet

Amazon is putting Alexa, the brains of Amazon Echo, in more places via the Tap and Echo Dot and now has formed a comprehensive smart home strategy that links up with e-commerce. The Echo was Amazon's surprise hit last year. Simply put, Echo has become ...and more »

Amazon Alexa Family Expands With Pint-Sized Echo Dot, Tap - PC Magazine

Amazon's Alexa family has two new members: Echo Dot and Tap. The younger sibling of cylindrical speaker Echo, the hands-free, voice-controlled Echo Dot fits into any room, making it easy to play music, order dinner, and request an Uber. No bigger than ...and more »

Amazon expands Alexa range with new Echo Dot and Tap portable speaker [u] - Apple Insider

Amazon on Thursday launched two new versions of its Echo speaker, the Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap, offering more flexibility in the way people can use its Alexa voice assistant, a competitor to Apple's Siri. [Updated]. Echo Dot. The Echo Dot is cheaper ...and more »

Alexa gets smart about thermostats with new Nest-ready tools - CNET

By the end of the month, you'll be able to sync your Nest Learning Thermostat up with Alexa-powered gadgets like the Amazon Echo. Chris Monroe/CNET. Amazon is continuing to flesh out virtual assistant Alexa's smart home chops with a new set of ...and more »

Amazon's smartphone flop was the best thing that happened to Alexa - The Verge

Amazon's Fire Phone may have been a surprisingly auspicious failure, I keep thinking as I watch the expansion of Alexa, the company's cloud-based virtual assistant. Artificial intelligence is the future, specifically, voice-controlled AI that allows ...and more »

Amazon's Alexa makes herself at home - CNET

"Alexa, how did you sneak inside my Bose speakers?" For the past year, Amazon's Echo speaker, which houses a digital voice assistant called Alexa, has become a breakout hit of the connected home. People all over the country are now calling out to these ...and more »

Amazon Introduces 2 Alexa Voice-Controlled Devices - New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Amazon's Alexa is gaining new powers, and a couple of new looks, too. Amazon, the Internet retailer, on Thursday announced two new siblings for the Echo, the voice-controlled household assistant that people address as “Alexa” and that ...and more »

Amazon's new Echo Dot is a mini speaker that brings Alexa to any room - Ars Technica

Amazon wants its voice assistant Alexa to be a major part of your entire home. The company just launched a new product that makes this setup easier to achieve: Amazon's Echo Dot is a miniature version of the original Echo with nearly identical features ...and more »

Amazon's Tap and Dot Let You Bring Alexa Anywhere - Tom's Guide

Alexa is tethered no more. As much as we love the Echo, you have to keep it plugged in to ask it questions, play your favorite tunes and control your smart home devices. Amazon is now looking to let you use its virtual assistant anywhere you are. The ...and more »

New Amazon 'Tap' and 'Echo Dot' Gadgets Unleash Alexa on the World - WIRED

If you want to see what it's like to live in the future Amazon imagines, just walk into the company's UX Lab in San Francisco. Not that you can; the security feels like the president is working inside. But once you get behind the doors, the space is ...and more »