Lunar Eclipse and Green Comet Make for Busy Friday Night in the Sky - New York Times

A penumbral lunar eclipse, similar to this one seen from Manila in February 2009, will occur Friday night. Credit Bullit Marquez/Associated Press. Two celestial events will take place on Friday night: a lunar eclipse and the passing of a comet. While ...and more »

Why you might not see that comet in the sky - Astronomy Magazine

A near-full Moon will likely obscure Comet 45P naked eye viewing. But it's not impossible. By John Wenz | Published: Friday, February 10, 2017. Paranal_sky_with_comet. Comet 252P/LINEAR appears to the left as a greenish blob, marking its fifth closest ...and more »

PHOTOS: Green Comet, 'Snow Moon' And Eclipse Make For A Space Trifecta - NPR

If you just so happened to crane your neck skyward at night this week — or better yet, if you craned your neck downward to look in your telescope — you probably caught quite a show. The night sky has been busy lately: A full moon, known by the Farmer ...and more »

"Snow Moon" Lunar Eclipse Shines with Comet Tonight: What to Expect - Scientific American

Early this evening (Feb. 10), careful observers across parts of North America can watch a Full Snow Moon penumbral lunar eclipse. With a pair of binoculars or a small telescope, skywatchers can also catch a glimpse of a bright-green comet passing by Earth.and more »

WATCH: Is There Water on the Moon? - ScienceAlert

We're always looking for traces of water on other planets, but is there water on our own lunar satellite? The obvious answer would be no. The Moon has virtually no atmosphere and the temperature on lunar surfaces can get up to 123 degrees Celsius (253 ...and more »

Eclipse, full moon and comet to occur at the same time and light up night sky in rare event - The Independent

A beautiful, shining comet flying through the sky is a rare thing. But this week it's not even going to be the rarest. Friday night wll in fact see that comet – a green, shining light followed by a purple trail, known as 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková ...and more »

Triple delight in store for sky-watchers this Friday night - Digital Journal

Stargazers will have three sweet treats if they're lucky, this Friday night and into Saturday when Comet 45P zooms across the sky. You might not see it well because of the snow moon and penumbral lunar eclipse, though.and more »

How to see the lunar eclipse, New Year Comet and snow moon tonight -

Firstly, a lunar eclipse will take place on the same day as February's snow moon. Then the New Year comet will whoosh past as it makes its closet approach to Earth since 2011. Here's everything you need to know about all three.and more »

Friday night: See lunar eclipse, green comet and full moon -

Friday's night sky will feature a full slate of astronomical events: a penumbral lunar eclipse, green comet and full moon. Pictured, the Earth casts its shadow over the moon in a lunar eclipse as seen in Gaza, June 15, 2011. The total lunar eclipse was ...and more »

Here's How to Watch a Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Comet Light Up the Sky on Friday - TIME

February blues got you down? This time of year can seem dreary when temperatures drop and the sun sets early. But this Friday, nature is giving everyone an excuse to get out of the house and appreciate its wonders. Friday will feature a full moon, a ...and more »