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How Tillerson Is Trying to Save the Iran Deal From His Boss - New York Magazine

Guess who would have to negotiate Trump's theoretical “better deal” with Iran? Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images. Rex Tillerson is unlikely to go down in history as one of our better secretaries of State. In the past few months, he has ...and more »

Trump plans to declare that Iran nuclear deal is not in the national interest - Washington Post

President Trump is expected to announce next week that he will “decertify” the international nuclear deal with Iran, saying it is not in the national interest of the United States and kicking the issue to a reluctant Congress, people briefed on the ...and more »

False Assumptions About the Iran Nuclear Deal - New York Times

On Oct. 15, the Trump administration will for the third time have to decide whether or not to certify that my country, Iran, is complying with Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action — the nuclear deal that was reached in 2015 between Iran and the five ...and more »

Forget Diplomacy With North Korea if Trump Decertifies the Iran Deal - The Diplomat

Reopening the Iran deal risks placing the United States in the middle of two nuclear crises. By Troy Stangarone for The Diplomat. October 07, 2017. One of the most consequential decisions that the United States will make in its efforts to denuclearize ...and more »

Donald Trump tells top military aides they are in the 'calm before the storm' - Yahoo News UK

Donald Trump told military leaders and reporters they could be enjoying “the calm before the storm” in a cryptic statement delivered at a White House dinner. The US President reportedly summoned reporters to a dinner with his highest-ranking military ...and more »

What Trump's top officials have said about the Iran deal - ABC News

President Donald Trump is expected to "decertify" Iran's compliance with the Iran nuclear agreement next week because his administration has determined it no longer serves America's national security interests, sources have told ABC News. Interested in ...and more »

Mr. Trump, Don't Scrap the Iran Deal - New York Times

If President Trump refuses to certify that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal this month, he will be making his most feckless foreign policy decision yet. Don't do it, Mr. President. Be a statesman, listen to your own military and intelligence ...and more »

Trump expected to 'decertify' Iran nuclear deal next week - ABC News

The Trump administration next week is expected to "decertify" the Iran nuclear agreement, telling Congress the 2015 deal no longer serves U.S. national security interests, sources tells ABC News. Interested in Iran? Add Iran as an interest to stay up ...and more »

Are Trump's Efforts to Sabotage Iran Nuclear Deal a Precursor for US War with Iran? - Democracy Now!

Amid news of the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, we turn now to look at whether President Donald Trump is trying to sabotage the Obama-brokered nuclear agreement with Iran and seek a war with ...and more »

Trump to announce new measures against Iran - Financial Times

Donald Trump is expected to designate an elite wing of the Iranian military as a terrorist organisation next week as part of a new hardline strategy against the Islamic republic. A senior administration official said the US president, who is poised to ...and more »