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Best USB Type-C cables - Android Authority (blog)

With LG, HTC, Huawei, and even Samsung making the switch to USB-C, micro-USB Android smartphones are clearly out their way out. The hot new USB Type-C standard is here to stay. Google, its partners and even Apple are starting to put this port anywhere ...and more »

Amazon Bans Sale of Potentially Dangerous USB-C Cables - Mac Rumors

Amazon has tightened restrictions on the sale of USB-C cables and adapters on its online store in an effort to protect customers from risky substandard products (via The Verge). The online retailer added non-compliant USB-C cables to its list of ...and more »

A Google engineer spent months reviewing bad USB cables on Amazon until he forced the site to ban them - Business Insider

Amazon has changed the rules around the sale of USB cables after a Google engineer spent months reviewing the cables available through the site, The Next Web reports. Google engineer Benson Leung noticed that Amazon changed its rules to prohibit the ...and more »

Amazon Bans Non-Compliant USB-C Cables, Should Make For Safer Buying - Lifehacker

For a few months now, we've known that some USB Type-C cable manufacturers are making cables so poor they could damage your hardware. Now, Amazon is finally banning them. As Google software engineer and product review hero Benson Leung points out ...and more »

Amazon Is Banning Cheap, Unsafe USB-C Cables - Gizmodo

A cheap USB-C cable can fry your phone or computer. So it's nice to see that Amazon is taking action, clamping down on the sale of poor-quality USB-C cables that don't make the grade. Amazon has added “non-compliant” USB-C cables to its list of items ...and more »

Amazon bans cheap USB-C cables in wake of Google engineer's crusade - ExtremeTech

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. USB Type-C. For months, Google engineer Benson Leung has been engaged in a one-man war against a seemingly endless stream of terrible USB-C cables. As we detailed back ...and more »

USB Type-C FAQ — everything you need to know - Android Central

More people every day are picking up Android phones with a new power port on the bottom. MicroUSB has started the slow march out, and USB-C is taking its place. It's an unusual port that does a whole lot more than charge your phone, and the companies ...and more »

Amazon threatens to banish anyone selling dodgy USB-C cables - CNET

USB-C cables, like this one from Griffin, are making life a little easier for all tech users. Griffin. Amazon apparently doesn't want to stand in the way of a major improvement coming to computer cables. USB cables for charging your phone and ...and more »

Amazon bans low quality USB-C cables after Google engineer slammed shitty cables - The Next Web

Over the last few months, Google engineer Benson Leung took to Amazon to review hundreds of shoddy USB-C cables that were available for purchase but not up to specification. Today Amazon quietly made a change to its terms and conditions to prohibit USB ...and more »

Amazon puts shonky USB-C cables in a noose - Inquirer

AMAZON HAS confirmed that it will ban potentially dangerous USB-C cables that don't fully meet the specifications. This marks the culmination of a campaign by Google engineer Benson Leung, who sacrificed his own Chromebook Pixel machine in the quest to ...and more »