Essential: We can unleash Android's power better than Google - CNET

Essential is starting with some pretty bold claims. Considering Google has been the steward of the Android for the past nine years, you'd assume that there's no one better able to fully utilize the operating system. At least according to Essential ...and more »

Andy Rubin's new company already got screwed by Apple - BGR

Andy Rubin, the former Googler who founded Android, is no stranger to fighting with Apple. After all, he and his mobile platform have been locked in an unending battle with the iPhone for the last ten years. But even though his new company doesn't have ...and more »

Is Andy Rubin's Amazon Echo competitor doomed to fail? - VentureBeat

That's the promise of ambient computing, a combination of AI and sensing technology in the future home and beyond. Imagine this scenario. You're out with friends and you notice the weather has turned hot and sunny. That's not a good thing for your new ...and more »

Andy Rubin's Essential Phone to go on sale in late June; Ambient OS to follow Android's open source philosophy - BGR India

Rubin also sheds light on key issues such as fragmentation of Android and even the update rates. By Kul Bhushan | Published: June 1, 2017 9:35 AM IST. Email @1987Kulbhushan. 0 Shares. Facebook share; Twitter share; Share on Google+ · Share on ...and more »

Andy Rubin's plan for his Amazon Echo killer sounds absolutely crazy - Yahoo News

Andy Rubin's Essential company unveiled two products earlier this week: the Essential Phone that should launch later this month, and Essential Home, an Amazon Echo competitor. The latter is Rubin's most daring device of the two, as it comes bundled ...and more »

Essential is trying to build Android for the smart home - TechCrunch

Andy Rubin's appearance at the Code Conference last night went a ways toward answering some lingering questions about his new company, Essential. But the conversation primarily centered around the startup's upcoming phone — Rubin left the dialogue ...and more »

Android software founder unveils 'Essential' phone - Daily Sabah

In this Nov. 1, 2014 file photo, then-Google executive behind the leading mobile device software Android, Andy Rubin, is seen in a presentation. The founder of the Android software powering smartphones around the world has stepped into the hardware ...and more »

Android star cuts the clutter - Hong Kong Standard (press release)

A creator of the Android software powering most of the world's smartphones has stepped into the competitive hardware market with a new handset called Essential. Andy Rubin, pictured, said in an online post that he is tackling clutter, complexity and ...and more »

Essential Phone Release Date Revealed; Andy Rubin Details AI Assistant and Ambient OS - NDTV

Essential Phone and the Essential Home, two new products by Andy Rubin, are the latest entrants in the the smartphone and smart speaker categories respectively, and the amount of attention the products have got is no surprise. Rubin of course is the ...and more »

The Essential Phone is boring hardware that may one day rule your smart home - Popular Science

If Huawei released a phone with the specs of the Essential's hype-driven debut, no one would have paid much attention. Snapdragon this, edgeless that, modular thingamajig. It really is a nice phone, but “nice” isn't blowing any minds. As it happens ...and more »