Use clean energy for heating to reduce smog - Chinadaily USA

Another thick shroud of smog has covered cities in North, Central and even East China, forcing the closure of expressways and delaying flights, and compelling Beijing to issue an orange alert, the second-highest level in a four-tier emergency response ...and more »

Air pollution and lack of physical activity pose competing threats to children in China - Science Daily

Date: January 10, 2017; Source: Oregon State University; Summary: Health workers and policymakers need to find ways to address poor air quality and lack of exercise among children in China so that children can be more physically active without ...and more »

Southern China Is Blanketed in Smog as Beijing Gets Slight Reprieve - New York Times

Smog at Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong on Sunday. The worsening conditions have caused the Hong Kong government to warn of a “very high” health risk. Credit Chan Long Hei/LightRocket, via Getty Images. HONG KONG — With pollution levels receding in ...and more »

Smog from northern mainland 'not affecting' Hong Kong, expert claims - South China Morning Post

It is unlikely the toxic smog that has blanketed swathes of northern China for weeks has affected the Pearl River Delta region significantly, an expert has claimed. Data from the University of Science and Technology's Atmospheric and Environmental ...and more »

The Real Reasons China Is Struggling To Control Its Pollution Problems - Fortune

China's problems with severe air pollution are back in the news. Last week, smog levels in China reached historic levels; as many as 32 cities were under “red alert,” the country's most severe pollution warning. This followed two other red alerts in ...and more »

Smog Police: New Beijing Force Created To Tackle Air Pollution - NPR

Beijing is launching a new police force aimed at tackling its persistent smog problem. This comes after a month of particularly severe air quality that left the capital and dozens of other Chinese cities blanketed in thick, brown smog. The city's ...and more »

China can learn from Japan how to fight pollution - Chinadaily USA

Mount Fuji was obscured behind a perpetual fog of exhaust and particulate matter. Traffic police were equipped with oxygen tanks on particularly hazardous days and many students were treated in schoolyards for inhaling photochemical smog. This is what ...and more »

Smog from China shrouding Hong Kong poses 'very high' health risk - South China Morning Post

Several districts in Hong Kong experienced poor quality air on Sunday that posed a “very high” health risk, as a monsoon from the northeast brought the dreaded smog that has shrouded large parts of the mainland. By 6.30pm, 11 out of 16 stations in ...and more »

Smog from China will continue to choke Hong Kong over coming days; authorities warn of 'very high' health risk - Hong Kong Free Press

Air pollution reached dangerous levels in Hong Kong on Sunday, creating a “very high” health risk after a Northeastern monsoon swept smog from the mainland into the city. smog hong kong. Photo: HKO webcam. At around 6:30pm Sunday, the ...and more »

Smog envelops China; Beijing launches New Police force to tackle the situation - Skymet Weather

Winters have not been good so far for China and the air quality of the country during this season has dropped significantly. The toxic smog has blanketed most parts of the northern China from quite a few weeks now and has badly affected the Pearl River ...and more »