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Election debate: reaction and analysis after Jeremy Corbyn and party leaders spar – as it happened - The Guardian

Here is our main story about the debate. Jeremy Corbyn confronts Rudd over spending cuts in fractious TV debate. Read more. And here is John Crace's sketch. The Hand is left to do the heavy lifting while Maybot reboots. John Crace. John Crace. Read more.and more »

Jeremy Corbyn confronts Rudd over spending cuts in fractious TV debate - The Guardian

Theresa May criticised for not taking part in seven-way election debate as Labour leader makes last-minute decision to attend. General election 2017 – live updates · Heather Stewart , Rowena Mason and Peter Walker. Thu 1 Jun 2017 06.16 EDT First ...and more »

BBC debate: Rivals attack Theresa May over absence - BBC News

Theresa May's political rivals lined up to criticise her for not taking part in a seven-way general election debate. She was accused of lacking "guts" and of "running away from the debate" during the 90 minute BBC TV event. Home Secretary Amber Rudd ...and more »

Did the BBC take David Dimbleby's right-wing bias criticism to heart? - (blog)

This week, David Dimbleby set the cat among the pigeons when he used an interview with the Radio Times to complain of right-wing media bias against Jeremy Corbyn: 'I don't think anyone could say that Corbyn has had a fair deal at the hands of the press ...and more »

Fresh polls crunch fuels Tory nerves as Theresa May pleads with voters to have 'faith' in her despite backlash over ... - Daily Mail

Theresa May was struggling to soothe Tory nerves over the election today amid a backlash over skipping a TV election debate. The Prime Minister appealed for voters to have 'faith' in her as more polls showed Labour gaining ground with just a week to go ...and more »

Amber Rudd appears on election debate just 48 hours after her father died -

Amber Rudd took part in the BBC election debate just 48 hours after the death of her father. Tony Rudd, who died on Monday evening aged 93, had been planning to watch Wednesday night's debate with the rest of his family. A family friend said he took ...and more »

Election debate: Caroline Lucas asks Amber Rudd 'How can you sleep at night?' due to Saudi Arabia arms sales - The Independent

Green leader Caroline Lucas has told Amber Rudd she does not know how she sleeps at night knowing the level of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. The scathing attack was made after Ms Lucas demanded to know why the UK has now become the world's second ...and more »

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: BBC's ugly, uninformative and biased debate demeaned democracy - Daily Mail

On Wednesday morning this paper published what was – by any measure – a document of political significance. A secret Labour policy paper showed Jeremy Corbyn's plan to throw open the UK's borders to low and unskilled migrants. With the election days ...and more »

The seven-way TV debate: the verdict - The Independent

It wasn't quite as unwatchable as it threatened to be. It was good to be reminded that Tim Farron existed. He was quite good. His opening statement was the most straightforward. His pitch was a penny on income tax for the NHS and social care, and ...and more »

Theresa May branded 'weak' for refusing to take part in BBC election debate - The Independent

Theresa May's refusal to take part in a live TV election debate has come under fire from her political rivals, who accused her of “weakness” and taking the British public for granted. Seven politicians took to the stage to fight it out on Wednesday ...and more »