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Fire Emblem Heroes review: Nintendo's first real Android game is not just a nostalgia cash-in - Android Police

Fire Emblem and I go way back. I have played many of them, but the one I most fondly remember is Path of Radiance on the Gamecube (the one that introduced Ike). The series is known for its turn-based tactical gameplay with anime-styled characters and ...and more »

Fire Emblem Heroes Review - IGN

By Meghan Sullivan While playing Fire Emblem games like Awakening and Birthright, I always thought it was cool that you could recruit heroes from the past to help out in combat. Because these characters came as DLC add-ons they rarely interacted with ...and more »

How to play 'Fire Emblem Heroes' on PC and Mac: The answer is messy, but it works - Mic

Fire Emblem Heroes is fun and free to play on iOS and Android, but that doesn't mean everyone can play. Maybe your phone is a few years old or maybe its measly hard drive is already full with 10,000 pictures of your aunt Sue's cat. Whatever the reason ...and more »

'Fire Emblem Heroes' Update: Rumors hint at what's to come, but they may be false - Mic

If you're a Nintendo fan, Fire Emblem Heroes is almost definitely eating up a chunk of your free time. The game launched for iOS and Android on Feb. 2, but fans are already looking for future updates to the app. Nintendo hasn't confirmed anything yet ...and more »

8 essential Fire Emblem Heroes tips to know before you play - GamesRadar

The Fire Emblem series has come to mobile with the release of Fire Emblem Heroes. But what's all this nonsense about summoning orbs and collecting feathers? The transition to iOS and Android means a few tweaks to the FE formula that even veterans ...and more »

'Fire Emblem Heroes' Guide, Tips and Tricks: How to beat a level that's kicking your butt - Mic

For a while, the turn-based battles in Fire Emblem Heroes seem almost too easy — but at one point or another, you're bound to hit a wall. Even if you've consulted every tier list on the web and summon a great, new five-star character, they're still ...and more »

Fire Emblem Heroes Tips and Tricks for Beginners - NDTV

Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes is a fun free-to-play game with way too many items and things to remember, and that can bog down new players. Before you know it, you could end up with level 20 heroes who can't progress any further as the enemies are just ...and more »

Fire Emblem Heroes Is A Horny Casino - Kotaku

I've been playing Nintendo's latest free mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, for the last few days, and I'm struck by how subtly sexual it is. Take Niles the archer, for example. His description alone is fucky: ...and more »

Fire Emblem Heroes beats Clash Royale and earns Nintendo big bucks behind Super Mario Run -

According to the latest data reports, Fire Emblem Heroes has made more than $2.9 million in worldwide gross revenue and been downloaded more than two million times from the App Store and Google Play. This is from its first 24hrs of availability ...and more »

Fire Emblem: Heroes is Nintendo's best mobile game yet - VentureBeat

It turns out Mario isn't actually Nintendo's best bet for mobile supremacy. As a fan of the Fire Emblem series and its special brand of turn-based strategy combat, I was skeptical when Nintendo announced that it was taking the franchise to mobile.and more »