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Unicode Consortium Reveals 56 New Emojis for 2017 -

If emojis are at all a microcosm of social progress, we've come a long way in the past year. From depictions of women in hard hats to a range of complexions to choose from, it feels as though most of us are finally represented in our primary mode of ...and more »

New Emoji, Including Many Genders of Magical Humanoids, Are Coming - Slate Magazine (blog)

New emoji are coming to phones this summer, offering texters the means to compose ever more specific missives through tiny images their parents can't see. Emojipedia revealed mockups of the several dozen candidates on its website—and the mind ...and more »

48 new emojis are coming to your phone this summer - Engadget

Near the end of last year, we got word that new emojis were on the way. With that announcement came a list of 51 proposed emojis that would come with the upcoming release of Unicode 10.0. That lineup has been pared down to 48, and as Emojipedia notes ...and more »

Here are all 137 new emoji that could hit iPhone and Android this summer - BGR

With hundreds and hundreds of emoji already in existence it's a wonder any of us even bother to use actual words anymore. Apparently there just aren't enough of the quirky little icons to depict every possible emotion, object, and idea, so the emoji ...and more »

The 69 New Emoji Candidates, Ranked - Gizmodo

Guys, we're getting deliciously close to a big emoji upgrade. Appropriately named Emoji 5.0, the new batch of silly symbols includes several very specific items as well as some long sought-after essentials. Do you have a favorite? We do. Emojipedia ...and more »

The 69 new proposed emoji include genies, dinosaurs, and a bearded hipster - The Daily Dot

Since their introduction to iOS in 2011, emoji have remixed how we communicate. These quirky little shapes and faces are the closest thing the connected world has to a universal language. Our vocabulary is set to expand in June, when the world gets ...and more »

Check out these 69 new emoji coming to your phone - T-Rex, vomit and vampire emoji inbound - Daily Star

Emoji are great, but sometimes there's just not a relevant one available for when words aren't enough. That's all about to change, however, with 69 brand new emoji set to hit your smartphone in the coming months. More than just a collection of new ...and more »

This Year's New Emoji Include a Hedgehog, Barf, and Brain, and, Yes, Finally, a Merman - New York Magazine

In June, the Unicode Consortium — the governing body of all things emoji — will release a new set of of pictographs for your texting pleasure. That's still a few months out at this point, but Emojipedia has mocked up what the proposed new emoji could ...and more »

A Renewed Call for Better Emoji Search - The Ringer (blog)

New emoji are coming. Without a revamped search tool, it'll be difficult to find them on the iPhone. By Kate Knibbs Mar 23, 2017, 2:15pm EDT. Share Tweet Share. Share A Renewed Call for Better Emoji Search. tweet share Flipboard Email. (Ringer ...and more »

Of Course Soon-to-Be Released Emoji Will Include Mermaids, Of Course -

Emojipedia released a new, comprehensive list Thursday of emojis expected to be released June 30 of this year. Of course, the date is subject to change, the site specifies, as are the emojis, but what's important is there are many updates in the bunch ...and more »