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Google Play Services now boasts 5 billion installs -

Google Play Services come pre-installed on just about every Android phone (well, except those sold in China). They are an essential mix of high and low-level stuff, everything from contact syncing to geo-positioning goes through these Services. Play ...and more »

The 5 Tasks You Should Automate As Soon As You Get a New Phone - Gizmodo

You've probably got enough on your plate without wasting time on phone chores that could be running automatically—like clearing out old photos, muting and unmuting your handset, posting to all of your social media accounts at once, and so on. Here are ...and more »

8 ways to turn Android into a productivity powerhouse - Computerworld

From hardware diversity to customization potential, Android offers no shortage of enticing benefits for business users. Out of the box, though, a typical Android phone is anything but optimized for productivity. Power up most popular phones, and you'll ...and more »

Vic Gundotra, former Google SVP, praises the iPhone camera - SlashGear

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and everyone has the right to change them at any time. But some opinions, when publicly expressed, can be so damning if they come from certain people. That seems to be the case when Vic Gundotra, who held the ...and more »

Ex-Google VP: Android is the reason your phone takes worse pics than iPhone - TNW

Jealous that your flashy new smartphone still struggles to capture photos as stunning as the iPhone? Android might be to blame… or so says a former Google executive who once headed the company's overall mobile efforts. This weekend Vic Gundotra, who ...and more »

Android O has one curiously counterproductive new feature - Computerworld

I've been thinking a lot lately about productivity. In a way, it's become a bit of a theme for me over the past couple years: figuring out ways to tame the technology around us and make it work for our needs as opposed to just getting in our way. From ...and more »

Truecaller integrates Google Duo for video calling - Zee News

New Delhi: Leading communication app Truecaller on Tuesday announced it has integrated with video calling app Google Duo that will allow users to make video calls directly through Truecaller on Android and iOS platforms. The feature, that went live on ...and more »

Google shares its recipe for success in building Android apps for India - TNW

With Silicon Valley being saturated with apps and connected services, and iOS steadily gaining steam across developed markets, Google has been eyeing other avenues to build out its mobile platform and revenue streams. To that end, it's now urging ...and more »

Indian Developers Need to Focus on 'Bharat', Says Google - NDTV

On Tuesday, Google announced its Made for India programme in Bengaluru, under which it will highlight apps that are optimised for Indian network conditions, devices, and content. At the event, the company also talked about the importance of creating ...and more »

One of Google's former senior execs said 'if you truly care about great photography, you own an iPhone' - Business Insider

Former Google senior vice president of engineering, Vic Gundotra, who now works as the CEO of AliveCor, said in a Facebook post that the iPhone 7 has a good enough camera for him to replace his DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. However, in ...and more »