Hard-working badger caught on video burying whole calf to feast on later - CBC.ca

An enterprising pair of badgers caught burying calf carcasses in the desert may help repair the animals' reputation as pests. University of Utah biologists were observing scavenger behaviour in Utah's Great Basin Desert when they first witnessed an ...and more »

Watch This Industrious Badger Bury an Entire Cow by Itself - Gizmodo

Camera traps set up in Utah's Great Basin Desert have captured unprecedented behavior showing a badger burying an entire cow by itself. Incredibly, the buried carcass was able to sustain the badger for months. Advertisement. To protect its food from ...and more »

New U. research, video show badger's ability to bury large animals - KSL.com

SALT LAKE CITY — University of Utah researchers studying behaviors of badgers found an interesting new habit of badgers previously unknown about the mammals, according to a new study released Friday. The researchers learned that badgers are ...and more »

Badger filmed single-handedly burying cow over five days - ITV News

Shocked scientists have discovered that the American Badger has the ability to bury carcasses of animals much larger than itself, after observing one badger single-handedly bury a cow. Researchers at the University of Utah were studying scavenger ...and more »

Single badger buries entire cow - New Atlas

Badgers are known to bury food items underground for later consumption, but new research has revealed just how deep they are willing to dig. Camera traps have caught a single badger burying an entire cow carcass, the first evidence of the scavenger ...and more »

A badger was caught on camera burying an entire cow - Wired.co.uk

For the first time, an American badger has been spotted burying an entire calf carcass in the desert. ADVERTISEMENT. Alcoholic rats, ribless mice and a goat that lactates silk: inside Wellcome's bizarre animal show. Alcoholic rats, ribless mice and a ...and more »

Footage shows badger burying an entire cow carcass - Daily Mail

While badgers are known to bury other items, including food stashes, nobody knew that they would, or even could, bury an animal carcass four times their size. The amazing footage was captured by researchers in the Grassy Mountains of Utah. See below ...and more »

Can you dig it? Badger captured on camera burying cow - The Guardian

An American badger has been captured burying the carcass of a cow – a previously unrecorded behaviour – in an astonishing display of the creature's digging prowess. The images were taken by camera traps set up by researchers who had left seven calf ...and more »

Grave-Digging Badgers Explain the Mystery of the Missing Cows - Newsweek

At first, Evan Buechley, a doctoral student at the University of Utah, was disappointed. He'd spent a lot of time and effort dragging a cow carcass to a wild area in the northwest part of the state and then staking it down to study what scavengers ...and more »

Watch this badger spend 5 days burying a 51-pound cow - The Week Magazine

They say you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it, although often that is much easier said than done. But whenever a task seems insurmountable, just think of the steady determination of this 24-pound badger burying a 51-pound cow calf in ...and more »