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Why roboticists are raving about Google's new robot - Washington Post

A robot's nimble steps in a snowy forest have wowed the world's robotics industry. Boston Dynamics, the secretive, Google-owned company, released video of its latest human-like robot tromping through a field — slipping occasionally on uneven terrain ...and more »

How real is that Atlas robot video? - The Guardian

Video footage of Boston Dynamics' new Atlas robot has left Twitter in awe of our new robot overlords; but how much of these videos should we take at face value? Martin Robbins · @mjrobbins. Thu 25 Feb 2016 07.06 EST Last modified on Tue 30 May 2017 11 ...and more »

Atlas Is Done Taking Your Bullshit In The Best Terminator Mash-Up GIF Yet - Gizmodo

Ever since Boston Dynamics released new video of the Atlas robot getting bullied with a hockey stick, people have been making mash-ups about the robot uprising. But I think Imgur user exgexg has made the best one yet. I won't spoil the whole GIF for ...and more »

New generation of human-like robot unveiled - BBC News

New footage has been released of robot that's being developed by Google, and it's very clever! It uses sensors in its body and legs to balance, and even has sensors in its head that helps it work out its surroundings and avoid obstacles that could trip ...and more »

Boston Dynamics' next-gen 3D printed Atlas humanoid robot endures 'torture' test - (blog)

Remember Boston Dynamics' impressive 1.88 meter tall Atlas humanoid robot? Back in August 2015, this promising and partially 3D printed robot showed us a glimpse of robotic future by successfully walking through the woods. The Google subsidiary ...and more »

Atlas takes a beating to prove its capabilities - The Engineer

This week's video comes from the US where the latest version of Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot is experiencing some very shoddy behaviour from its handlers. Atlas, The Next Generation. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try ...and more »

Google's Boston Dynamics releases video of parcel/box handling robot - Post and Parcel

Google-owned Boston Dynamics has a released a video on YouTube showing its Atlas “humanoid” robot performing a variety of tasks – including handling parcels/boxes and trudging through snow. In the video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday (23 February), the ...and more »


Boston Dynamics has come out with a new version of its Atlas robot that is more mobile, more agile, lighter, quieter, and doesn't require a power tether. View As: One Page Slides. Start Slideshow ». 1/5. The new robot was introduced in a YouTube video ...and more »

Atlas Robot Turns the Other Cheek - TechNewsWorld

Google-owned Boston Dynamics on Tuesday gave the world a look at the latest version of Atlas, a bipedal robot that someday could threaten manual laborers' livelihoods. Boston Dynamics certainly didn't say or imply that the fast-progressing Atlas robot ...and more »

Watch The Next Generation Atlas Robot Get Bullied By A Mean Human (And Stay On His Feet) - Gizmodo Australia

Boston Dynamics has a new video showing off the latest version of Atlas -- the badarse humanoid robot. And it's pretty incredible. The most striking thing about this new version is the amazing balance Atlas achieves. I've never seen a humanoid robot ...and more »