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Microsoft's canceled Surface Mini from 2014 stars in leaked images -

In 2014 Microsoft was rumored to launch a Surface Mini tablet alongside the Surface Pro 3. However, in the end only the latter saw the light of day, and that's because the Surface Mini was canceled just a few weeks before it was supposed to be unveiled ...and more »

HP's Spectre x2 finds its spot as one of the best Windows tablets, for what it's worth - TechCrunch

The Spectre x2 is what a Surface Pro would feel like with HP's design cues and a few better specs for the dollar. In fact, most of the Spectre x2's drawbacks stem from having to squeeze so much into its frame, which is better than having glaring ...and more »

Surface Laptop review: Microsoft's MacBook Air killer nails what students need - PCWorld

Updated 07/18/2017: We've upgraded the Surface Laptop to Windows 10 Pro to run traditional benchmarks, and the results are...interesting. Click the Performance section in the TOC, or simply jump to this link, to see to all the numbers. Our Surface ...and more »

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 review - Tech Advisor

The original Surface Pro marked Microsoft's entry into the tablet market and the 2-in-1 has been refined and improved over the years. We were impressed with the Surface Pro 4 and now, 18 months later, we're just as bowled over by the Surface Pro. You ...and more »

Microsoft's canceled Surface Mini shows up in photos - Engadget

In the heady days of 2014, Microsoft had a dream of launching a smaller version of its nascent Surface tablets. The Surface Mini was a passion project of division chief Panos Panay, but it was axed by CEO Satya Nadella and EVP Stephen Elop shortly ...and more »

How to reinstall Windows 10 S on your Surface Laptop - Windows Central

Microsoft provides Surface customers with recovery images that allow you to reset your Surface as if it was just new out of the box. This requires a USB drive, some time, and an internet connection. If you're planning to sell your Surface Laptop, go ...and more »

HP Spectre x2 review: It beats the Surface Pro on value, if not performance - PCWorld

Our review of HP's Spectre x2 12.3-inch 2-in-1 tablet begins with a simple question: Can HP continue its tradition of being an elegant, yet durable alternative to Microsoft's Surface Pro flagship? The answer is Yes. HP took the best bits from its Elite ...and more »

Microsoft Research testing thumb +pen support to make Windows 10 more tablet friendly - OnMSFT (blog)

Microsoft has had a jam-packed two months teeming full of announcements, conferences, and hardware unveilings. Between the beginning of May until the last couple of weeks, the Microsoft news cycle has been a whirlwind of information, at times, hard to ...and more »

Here's How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Pro From Windows 10 S And Vice Versa - Tech Times

While Microsoft's new Windows 10 S is a pretty capable operating system already, it's no match for the mainline Windows 10 versions, simply because it can only run Windows Store apps — and that might cause problems for most users. Windows 10 Pro ...and more »

This is Microsoft's canceled Surface Mini (exclusive photos and details) - Windows Central

In 2014, Microsoft planned to announce two new Surface devices. One was the Surface Pro 3, and the other was the now infamous "Surface Mini", which never saw the light of day. At Windows Central, we love finding details on, and seeing, Microsoft's ...and more »