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Zim man in court for rape of minors - News24

It doesn't matter how much sense it makes to ordinary Zimbabweans: Zimbabwe will NOT formally adopt the rand, the central bank governor says. Mugabe's party 'not threatened' by Zimbabwe opposition pact - pro-govt papers · No more Zimbabwe bond ...and more »

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Puyo Puyo Tetris Nintendo Switch Review - NDTV

Puzzle games, in recent times, have become the domain of mobile platforms. We've seen them thrive on the likes of the App Store and Google Play. However the Nintendo Switch, which brings together a console and a portable gaming device, appears to be ...

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LG G6 quick review: Bezel-less and practical - India Today

LG's G5 was a phone straight out of the future. But it wasn't quite there yet. Its main USP was its modularity. But it was more like a work in progress than a finished product. Probably it was way ahead of its time, or whatever, but the G6 drifted into ...and more »