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Hey Apple: Let's bring Face ID to Macs - CNET

One of the key selling points of Apple's new iPhone X is Face ID, the facial recognition system for logging users in. Apple claims it's fast, easy and secure, and on paper, it sounds like a step up from similar facial recognition tools on other phones ...and more »

iPhone X: Sorry Apple, but I just can't face using Face ID - ZDNet

This device is unable to play the requested video. Video: Face ID won't forget you - even if you get a new hairdo. One of the most interesting aspects of Apple's forthcoming iPhone X is the way you unlock it. The new Face ID feature uses the iPhone's ...and more »

Apple iPhone 8 Plus screen split open while charging: Report - The Indian Express

A user from Taiwan claimed her iPhone 8 Plus, which belongs to Apple's latest line-up of devices, split open while it was charging. “So far, the finger of blame is being pointed at the battery. Unconfirmed reports state the iPhone 8 Plus uses the same ...and more »

Is wireless charging bad for your smartphone? - Computerworld

With Apple finally bringing native wireless charging to its iPhone lineup, the technology will become far more widely adopted, both among consumers and within corporations. Apple chose to use the Qi specification, which uses inductive charging ...and more »

Apple Investigates Claims New iPhones Burst Open During Charging - Huffington Post Australia

Apple is looking into reports that its new iPhone is splitting open when charged, after customers showed images on Twitter of their new handsets cracking along the side. One Taiwanese user claimed they had owned their iPhone for just five days when ...and more »

iPhone 8 Plus cracks open for two users in Asia, batteries may be to blame - TechNode

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have been available for just a couple of weeks, but reports of alleged battery issues have emerged in Asia. A Taiwanese Apple fan noticed her newly-bought iPhone 8 Plus was bulging while charging, and soon cracked open, ...and more »

iPhone 8 review: so this is what good battery life feels like - The Guardian

Another year, another iPhone, except this time there are three of them. The iPhone 8 is the first out of the gate, but it's overshadowed by the iPhone X looming in the wings, and while there are some new elements – a glass back – you could be forgiven ...and more »

iPhone 8 Review - IGN

By Dan Stapleton If it appears as though Apple is no longer trying to surprise and excite us with its annual iPhone revisions… it's because it's not. Now that the main iPhone has become the standard smartphone rather than a luxury item, Apple has ...and more »

The iPhone X may be expensive, but you'll regret cheaping out with an iPhone 8 - Digital Trends

At Apple's latest event this September, the company unveiled the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus in all their so-called glory. Tim Cook stood proudly as he scanned through a gallery of photos highlighting the historical changes of the iPhone. He used ...and more »

The iPhone 8 Has a Slow Start: So What? - Motley Fool

Launch sales for the iPhone 8 appear to be underwhelming compared to other recent iPhone releases -- and that's OK. Adam Levine-Weinberg. (TMFGemHunter). Oct 1, 2017 at 8:15AM. Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus ...and more »