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Land and agriculture in Zimbabwe following land reform - The Zimbabwean

In May, I was invited to give a talk on Zimbabwe's land reform and its aftermath by a great new student initiative at SOAS (School of African and Asia Studies) focused on agriculture and development in Africa. The event was hosted by the Royal African ...and more »

Zimbabwe Bans maize Imports - CHANNELS TELEVISION

Zimbabwe has banned grain imports to protect local farmers a year after a devastating drought left more than 4 million people in the country in need of food aid. Drought, lack of financing and president Robert Mugabe's seizures of land from white ...and more »

Zimbabwe Bans Maize Import To Protect Local Farmers - SRJ News

Following a year of drought the Zimbabwean government is all concerned to protect its farmers and in a new move announced ban on grain imports. Over the years the country has faced low grain production and last year's devastating drought left over 4 ...and more »