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America is not the Promised Land - Open Democracy

Wrapping Jesus in the Stars and Stripes so that we can wage wars, claim exceptionalism, and justify the expansion of US business interests is not Christianity. Credit: Some rights reserved. I constantly battle a myth within me. It ...and more »

The Main Point of the Christian Doctrine of Sin: We Are All “Damaged Goods” - Patheos (blog)

My previous two essays posted here are about the Christian idea of sin—especially the Christian idea of the “fall” into sin. My main focus in them was “fallenness,” not individual sins themselves. Traditional Christianity of all tribes and types has ...and more »

How Can Our Righteousness Exceed That Of The Pharisees? - Patheos (blog)

Jesus told His followers that their righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees, but is this humanly possible? The Pharisees. The Pharisees were the most affluent and powerful group in the Jewish culture, at least at the time of Jesus Christ's ...and more »

O We of Little Faith. - Patheos (blog)

Instead of truly putting our trust, faith, and reliance upon the Way, teachings, and example of Jesus, we put our actual faith in guns, our obscenely over-funded military, and in strong-man & authoritarian leaders. …You're saying, that doesn't apply ...and more »

How I Lost My Salvation - Patheos (blog)

It started in 2013. I got married in January and a month later, in February, my mother got a DUI. We came from a fundamentalist background where the fact that mom was drinking, which she kept hidden for a year, was more scandalous than her having done ...and more »

St. Valentine: A Reminder of Radical Christian Love - Sojourners

Pulling inspiration from 1 John 4:8 (“Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love”), the Black Eyed Peas penned these lyrics in the remake of their 2003 hit, “#WHERESTHELOVE?” Originally released in the aftermath of 9/11 as a reflection on ...and more »

When Jesus Said “Love Your Enemies,” I Think He Meant “Don't Kill Them.” - Patheos (blog)

I am sometimes asked, “How can you be a Christian and not support the death penalty?” The answer I usually give is quite simple: when Jesus said “Love your enemies,” I think he meant “Don't kill them.” I never really understood how important this issue ...and more »

WWUTT: Jesus is the Firstborn of All Creation? - Patheos (blog)

Now, there are many we've interpreted, “firstborn of all creation,” to mean that Jesus is the first being created by God. The Mormons teach He is the literal offspring of “Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother” (also, literally the brother of Satan). The ...and more »

Valentine's Day: God's Love for the Brokenhearted - Christian Post

The views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of The Christian Post or its editors. Video Player. x. Expand | Collapse. Valentine's Day has long been a popular romantic holiday when couples share tangible ...and more »

5 People in the Scriptures God Didn't Save - LDS Daily (press release) (blog)

Even though we know our time in mortality will require us to endure the refiner's fire, it is in our nature to cry out for help when such times come. When the fires burn and the pain seems unbearable, we ask God to save us. There isn't anything ...and more »