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50 Biblical Proofs That Jesus is God - National Catholic Register (blog)

We apologists hear every fable, myth, and tall tale regarding theology that anyone could ever imagine. I've heard for over thirty years that “the Bible never says that Jesus is God.” In fact, one of my first research projects in the early 80s, after I ...and more »

Christian Hope is the Expectation of the Resurrection - Catholic Culture

by Pope Francis. Descriptive Title. Pope Francis General Audience Address of February 1, 2017. Description. “Our resurrection too, and that of our departed loved ones, therefore, is not something that may or may not happen, but is a certain reality, as ...and more »

Muslims Believe in Second Coming of Christ More than Christians Do - Patheos (blog)

The Pew Research Center, located in Washington D.C., is a leading “fact tank” that analyzes social trends mostly in the U.S. and largely by means of polling. A poll that Pew conducted in 2006 revealed that 79% of Christians in the U.S. believed Jesus ...and more »

The Sermon on the Mount: A Theology of Resistance - Sojourners

Now is the time for a robust theology of resistance. As the violence that has always surrounded us swirls and stings our eyes, kicked up by the rough boots of the new administration trampling over the American Empire, I, like many, find sanctuary in my ...and more »

Asking, how would Jesus deal with Terrorism is asking the wrong question. - Patheos (blog)

Asking the question, “How would Jesus deal with terrorism [or a terrorist]?” is asking the wrong question. Why? Because the question is a reactionary question, ignoring what caused the terrorism, or the terrorist, in the first place. I think the proper ...and more »

Salvation the Wesleyan Way - Patheos (blog)

By John Frye: Tom Wright, in his popular book Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good, writes, “…[T]he God who masterminds both creation and covenant is a God of love—utter, self-giving, merciful, reconciling, healing, ...and more »

Entrepreneurship - Christian Post (blog)

Although people die every day, we still need to keep our faith in God because, without our faith, we have nothing to keep us going every day. Imagine if no one believed in God and everyone was for themselves in this world. The world would be an awful ...and more »

Who Would Jesus Deport? - Huffington Post

Should Christians rise in opposition to the prospect of the United States Government rounding up and deporting millions of our neighbors because they do not have legal immigration status? I'm doing so because I believe that for the Christian ...and more »

Learn about end time events -Part 1 - Guardian

The Lord Jesus Christ did not leave the Church in the dark concerning events of the end-time. In response to His disciples' questions, He gave the conditions and signs that would precede His coming, which are already evidently manifest in the world.and more »

Pastors are Jesus killers - Vanguard

By Femi Aribisala. Christians are told lies so repeatedly; many no longer recognise the truth. Answer me this: did your pastor happen to mention that Jesus was killed by pastors? Not likely! Pastors don't want people to know their fore-fathers killed ...and more »