Turning Over Our Will - America Magazine

The fasting of Lent likely made practical sense in the past, when food supplies were limited. On any given day, a town's marketplace had staples for a day or maybe two. Gluttons with money could easily deprive others of necessities. If all were to eat ...and more »

I Tell You: Do Not Worry! - America Magazine

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount is the fundamental ethical code of Christianity. It is a long text, which the church reads slowly over the course of six Sundays. It contains many of Jesus' best known exhortations: Turn the other cheek! Love your enemies ...and more »

Pastors are Jesus killers - Vanguard

Christians are told lies so repeatedly; many no longer recognise the truth. Answer me this: did your pastor happen to mention that Jesus was killed by pastors? Not likely! Pastors don't want people to know their fore-fathers killed Jesus; otherwise ...and more »

Christian Hope is the Expectation of the Resurrection - Catholic Culture

“Our resurrection too, and that of our departed loved ones, therefore, is not something that may or may not happen, but is a certain reality, as it is rooted in the event of Christ's Resurrection”. Pope Francis emphasized this at the General Audience ...and more »

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Living the Law - Malaysian Christian News

With this Sunday's Gospel reading, we move into the part of the Sermon on the Mount that scholars call the six antitheses. Feb 10, 2017. Related News. Second Sunday of Lent: The Call of Abraham, the Call of Faith · First Sunday of Lent: Forty Days of ...and more »

50 Biblical Proofs That Jesus is God - National Catholic Register (blog)

Jesus is God the Son. He is the eternal, all-powerful, all-loving, self-existent Creator God. Dave Armstrong. We apologists hear every fable, myth, and tall tale regarding theology that anyone could ever imagine. I've heard for over thirty years that ...and more »

Freedom is recognized through Jesus Christ - The Philadelphia Tribune

Let the subject of record be freedom today. The freedom of which I'm speaking is that afforded all of us through our recognition of the truth of Jesus Christ. There is something quite liberating when you know or realize that you have been “set free ...and more »

The Freedom of the Father's Children - America Magazine

“Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.” If Jesus' statements last week struck some readers as strange, his commandment this week seems downright ludicrous. Our heavenly Father is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. God is goodness ...and more »

Who Would Jesus Deport? - Huffington Post

Should Christians rise in opposition to the prospect of the United States Government rounding up and deporting millions of our neighbors because they do not have legal immigration status? I'm doing so because I believe that for the Christian ...and more »

Not for profit! - Young Christian says gospel music should be used as Ministry - Jamaica Gleaner

With the numerous gospel shows being held locally and internationally, young Christian, Rohan Lee is of the belief that many have lost their mark by promoting the business aspects rather than the Ministry. "Gospel is not a genre, it is the gospel of ...and more »