Scientists Predict Star Collision Visible To The Naked Eye In 2022 - NPR

Scientists predict that a pair of stars in the constellation Cygnus will collide in 2022, give or take a year, creating an explosion in the night sky so bright that it will be visible to the naked eye. If it happens, it would be the first time such an ...and more »

Cosmic explosion could change the night sky in 2022 -

In five years' time, the night sky could have a noticeable addition, with predictions that an enormous cosmic explosion will appear quite clearly to the naked eye. Solar eclipses and comets crossing the night sky are some of the highlights of the ...and more »

Two stars will merge in 2022 and explode into red fury - Astronomy Magazine

In 2022, there will be a spectacular sky show. Two stars will merge into one, pushing out excess gas into an explosion known as a red nova. At magnitude 2, it will be as bright as Polaris in the sky, and just behind Sirius and Vega in brightness. The ...and more »

Astronomy prof, student predict explosion that will change the night sky - Calvin News (press release)

Calvin College professor Larry Molnar and his students along with colleagues from Apache Point Observatory (Karen Kinemuchi) and the University of Wyoming (Henry Kobulnicky) are predicting a change to the night sky that will be visible to the naked eye.and more »

How to See a Star Explode in 2022 - National Geographic

For the first time, astronomers are confidently predicting how to see this type of brilliant blast, which will be visible with the naked eye. Picture of Cygnus constellation in space. View Images. An x-ray view of the Cygnus star-forming region ...and more »

Astronomers predict explosion that will change the night sky in 2022 - Phys.Org

Molnar's prediction is that a binary star (two stars orbiting each other) he is monitoring will merge and explode in 2022. Credit: Calvin College. Calvin College professor Larry Molnar and his students along with colleagues from Apache Point ...and more »

Small College Astronomers Predict Big Stellar Explosion - Forbes

I mostly leave coverage of astronomy topics, such as last week's meeting of the American Astronomical Society, to colleagues like Ethan "Starts With a Bang" Siegel, Jillian Scudder, Bruce Dorminey and Brian Koberlein. They have the professional ...and more »

Two stars are about to smash into each other and the explosion will be visible with the naked eye - International Business Times UK

There's just a one in a million chance of predicting an explosion – and US scientists have done just that. Hannah Osborne. By Hannah Osborne. Updated January 6, 2017 17:17 GMT. star bright outburst V838 Mon – a star that glowed extremely brightly in ...and more »

A New Bright 'star' Could Appear in the Night Sky in 2022 - ScienceAlert

A huge collision between two stars some 1,800 light-years away could add a bright new object to our night sky, say scientists – though this temporary star will only be visible for two or three years. This is the first time experts have tried to ...and more »

Astronomers predict a “red nova” will brighten our skies in 2022 - Ars Technica

Astronomers studying a binary star system about 1,800 light years from the Sun say they are increasingly confident that the two stars will merge into a luminous red nova in about five years. At its brightest, the spectacular explosion produced by this ...and more »