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Popular Selfie App Sending User Data to China, Researchers Say - The Intercept

Meitu, a Chinese selfie editing app, has amassed billions in downloads since launching in 2008; it's been trendy in Asia for several years, and just recently began gaining popularity in the United States. The anime-style photo-editing tool, which is ...and more »

Popular Chinese selfie app Meitu prompts privacy fears - Hong Kong Free Press

Popular Chinese photo-editing app Meitu has prompted privacy fears after it was found to be asking for more phone access permissions than seems reasonable for a photo app. The free smartphone app has been widely used in China for years. It was launched ...and more »

How to use Meitu — the Chinese selfie-enhancing app that the Internet is obsessed with - Business Insider

A mobile app that makes everyone look like an anime character has taken over China, and now it's starting to creep its way into the United States. Meitu lets you edit and enhance your selfies with various tools, including a filter that makes your eyes ...and more »

Hot Anime Selfie App Meitu Denies Claims Of Selling User Data, Points Finger At China Instead - Tech Times

A hot selfie app called Meitu turns users into anime characters, but its popularity has also sparked some scrutiny into its data collection practices. As Meitu became viral, it drew a great deal of attention and it didn't take long before it went under ...and more »

Viral selfie app under fire for sneaky data collection - CNNMoney

You've probably seen them everywhere on social media: Selfies of your friends turned into cartoonish portraits. Chinese app Meitu -- which has gained popularity in the U.S. within the past two weeks -- adds colorful, caricature-like features, such as ...and more »

Meitu: The photo app sensation proving to be a real privacy nightmare -

Almost overnight, a photo filter app from China called Meitu become a phenomenon globally, but lurking beneath it is a myriad of privacy concerns that users need to know. With a rapid rise to the top of app store charts globally, Meitu has been a very ...and more »

Meitu selfie app accused of RACISM over claims it lets users apply 'yellowface' to their pictures - The Sun

A HUGELY popular app has been branded 'racist' because it appears to lighten users' skin to make them "more beautiful". Meitu transforms selfies into Anime characters using a "prettifying" filter. 1. Meitu, which means “beautiful picture” in Chinese ...and more »

How To Use Meitu, The Photo Editing App The Internet Can't Get Enough Of - Bustle

Admit it: You've totally wanted to look like Éowyn from Lord of the Rings and/or have peach blossoms floating down your hair at least once in your life. Well, with the new genius selfie-editing app called Meitu, now you can. And if you're wondering ...and more »

Viral anime selfie app Meitu raises privacy red flags and is believed to send user data to China - International Business Times UK

Meitu, a Chinese app, lately gaining popularity in the US, is believed to come with phone cloning abilities. India Ashok. By India Ashok. Updated January 25, 2017 12:12 GMT. Meitu app Meitu contains a code, which reportedly instructs users' phones to ...and more »

Chinese photo-editing app Meitu clicks in West -

A female user posts her photos made by Meitu on social media.[Photo:]. Meitu, a Chinese photo-editing app, has suddenly become popular in the West with its feature of turning headshots into cartoons. The app is free and available for ...and more »