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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (for PC) - PC Magazine

My first soiree with Resident Evil was tense and stressful. I played the original when I was ten years old, so the jump-scares, unnerving atmosphere, and grotesque monsters resulted in many nightmare-riddled nights. In retrospect, the pixelated ...and more »

Resident Evil 7 Already on Torrents As Denuvo Cracks Start Pouring In - Softpedia News

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard ends up on torrents sites five days after launch after pirates outwitted Denuvo anti-piracy technology. TorrentFreak reports now, however, that Resident Evil 7, launched just last week, is already on pirate sites, waiting to ...and more »

Denuvo Piracy Crisis as Resident Evil 7 Gets Cracked in Record Time - TorrentFreak

After just five days on the market, the Denuvo-protected PC version of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has already appeared on pirate sites. Denuvo usually offers months of protection, so this is not only a record defeat but a landmark moment for the world ...and more »

Resident Evil's film franchise will reach $1 billion milestone - Polygon

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opened this week, and rates 39 percent "fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes and a 53 on Metacritic. Those scores, the highest in series history, aren't exactly great, but that don't matter none, because the franchise is going to ...and more »

The Final Chapter is a weak retread of Resident Evil's greatest hits - A.V. Club

It's a shame that the zombie-mowing, monster-bashing post-apocalyptic Resident Evil series should end on a bum note, with one of its weakest entries; whether taken as guilty pleasures or as termite art, these movies are the only good thing to have come ...and more »

Denuvo appears to be slipping as Resident Evil 7 cracked in record time - KitGuru

Over the last 18 months or so, Denuvo has been a huge help for game publishers and a huge headache for game crackers. However, it looks like the DRM's effectiveness is starting to slip as Resident Evil 7 has been cracked in record time, leaving pirates ...and more »

Resident Evil 7's Denuvo protections cracked in under a week - Ars Technica

A cracked PC version of Denuvo-protected Resident Evil 7 appeared online over the weekend, offered up by hacking collective CPY less than a week after its January 24 release. Further Reading. First cracks form in Denuvo's previously impervious DRM ...and more »

Pirates Say They've Cracked Resident Evil 7 In Record Time [Updated] - Kotaku

Pirates say they've already cracked Resident Evil 7's PC version and have found a way to disable the game's anti-piracy measures less than a week after release. As TorrentFreak reports, a piracy group called CONSPIR4CY say they figured out how to crack ...and more »

Resident Evil 7 Review - Game Rant

When Resident Evil 6 was released in 2012, fans might have been worried that the biggest name in survival horror had once again lost its way. Fortunately, Resident Evil 7 demonstrates that the series has once again reinvented itself — and the end ...and more »

Resident Evil 7 is a hit with 2.5 million copies shipped in first week - TechnoBuffalo

Capcom is pleased with the direction that Resident Evil has taken with Resident Evil 7, and so are the fans, apparently. After being on the market for only a week, Resident Evil 7 is enjoying unilateral success again with 2.5 million copies shipped ...and more »