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Saturn's Rings Just Got the Ultimate Close-Up from Cassini (Photos) -

Saturn's rings appear as bright waves against a black sky in detailed new pictures from the Cassini spacecraft, which made its closest pass by the icy debris in years. The rings of Saturn are visible even in a small telescope from Earth, and they are ...and more »

Cassini sends back super detailed close-up shots of Saturn's rings - Orlando Sentinel

NASA's Cassini spacecraft is getting up close and personal with Saturn's rings, sending back images from its "ring-grazing" orbits. The images show the icy debris of the sixth planet's main rings with the most detail ever.and more »

NASA's Cassini Beams Back Stunning New Close-Ups Of Saturn's Rings - Forbes

NASA's Cassini mission has just uploaded its latest spectacular in situ images of Saturn's rings, providing planetary scientists with what it terms “unprecedented” new details about the rings' processes. The Cassini spacecraft --- now in what NASA ...and more »

Cassini offers best-ever view of Saturn's rings - Astronomy Now Online

This image taken Dec. 18, 2016, shows a region in Saturn's outer B ring. NASA's Cassini spacecraft viewed this area at a level of detail twice as high as it had ever been observed before. The view here is of the outer edge of the B ring, at left, which ...and more »

Cassini sends back best ring-shots yet en route to self-destruct dive - The Register

The Cassini probe's commenced its death dive into Saturn's clouds, but is still sending back high-resolution of the gas giant's rings. The “ring-grazing” orbit phase began in November, with a burn in December that put it in position for its planned demise.and more »

NASA Releases Spectacular New Snapshots of Saturn's Rings - Smithsonian

Ever since 1610, when a stargazer named Galileo discovered Saturn's rings, the idea of a planet encircled by billions of particles has intrigued astronomers. But it's taken until now—a mere 407 years later—for scientists to get a good peek inside ...and more »

These gorgeous photos of Saturn's rings are Cassini's 'Grand Finale' - Popular Science

Even from 34,000 miles away, it's still gorgeous. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute. As unmanned spacecraft Cassini gets closer to its final resting place, it's getting closer than ever to the massive rings that orbit Saturn. NASA calls it the ...and more »

Cassini offers first close-ups of Saturn's rings -

"I am taken aback by how vastly improved are the details in this new collection," said researcher Carolyn Porco. By. Brooks Hays. (0). Cassini's latest images reveal Saturn's rings in unprecedented detail. Photo by NASA/JPL. Static-like irregularities ...and more »

Explorer of Enceladus and Titan - The Planetary Society (blog)

This article originally appeared on Van Kane's website and is reposted here with permission. The search for another world with life in our solar system has arguably become the most powerful theme in planetary exploration. While microbial life – the ...and more »

Saturn's Main Rings Up Close -

NASA's Cassini spacecraft took these stunning photos of Saturn's rings on December 18, 2016, while it was performing one of its 'ring-grazing' orbits. This Cassini image features a density wave in Saturn's A ring (at left) that lies around 83,575 miles ...and more »