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Cassini spacecraft captures stunning images of Saturn's rings -

New images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft have provided an unprecedented view of Saturn's intricate ring system. The images were taken as part of the end of Cassini's mission, which will come to a close on April 26, when the spacecraft begins its ...and more »

A Trip Around Saturn - The Atlantic

After nearly 13 years in orbit around Saturn, NASA's Cassini spacecraft is now preparing for its “Grand Finale.” In April of 2017, Cassini will begin a series of dives between the gas giant's cloudtops and the inner rings—on its way to a fiery end ...and more »

Cassini sends back best ring-shots yet en route to self-destruct dive - The Register

The Cassini probe's commenced its death dive into Saturn's clouds, but is still sending back high-resolution of the gas giant's rings. The “ring-grazing” orbit phase began in November, with a burn in December that put it in position for its planned ...and more »

Cassini offers best-ever view of Saturn's rings - Spaceflight Now

This image taken Dec. 18, 2016, shows a region in Saturn's outer B ring. NASA's Cassini spacecraft viewed this area at a level of detail twice as high as it had ever been observed before. The view here is of the outer edge of the B ring, at left, which ...and more »

Cassini sends back super detailed close-up shots of Saturn's rings - Orlando Sentinel

NASA's Cassini spacecraft is getting up close and personal with Saturn's rings, sending back images from its "ring-grazing" orbits. The images show the icy debris of the sixth planet's main rings with the most detail ever. The spacecraft is in the ...and more »

Saturn's Rings Just Got the Ultimate Close-Up from Cassini (Photos) -

Saturn's outer B ring is highlighted in this new image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft, taken Dec. 18, 2016, in visible light. The image features twice as much detail as any previous photo of the area. The fine structure near the edge on the left is ...and more »

Explorer of Enceladus and Titan - The Planetary Society (blog)

The search for another world with life in our solar system has arguably become the most powerful theme in planetary exploration. While microbial life – the most likely form of life elsewhere in the solar system – itself is likely to be hard to prove ...and more »

NASA captures Saturn's rings in mind-blowing detail - CNET

Cassini peers into Saturn's A ring. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute. We've never seen Saturn's rings quite like this before. NASA's Cassini mission is heading toward its grand finale phase. The spacecraft will ultimately end up dying in Saturn ...and more »

Close views show Saturn's rings in unprecedented detail - Phys.Org

This Cassini image features a density wave in Saturn's A ring (at left) that lies around 134,500 km from Saturn. Density waves are accumulations of particles at certain distances from the planet. This feature is filled with clumpy …more. Newly ...and more »

Cassini finds straw and propellers in stunning new ring imagery - New Atlas

NASA has released some of the highest resolution images ever obtained of Saturn's A & B rings. The images, which were taken as Cassini made a close-proximity dive past Saturn's rings, display the icy matter of the gas giant's adornment manipulated by ...and more »