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Snapchat faces backlash over filter that promotes racist stereotypes of Asians - The Guardian

The filter featured squinty eyes in what appears to be a cartoonish and insensitive portrayal of Asians with one critic on Twitter calling it 'the most overly-racist filter ever'. Photograph: Twitter. Snapchat is facing widespread backlash for a filter ...and more »

Snapchat hit with backlash for 'yellowface' selfie lens - The Verge

Just four months after causing outrage over a similarly offensive selfie lens, Snapchat has incurred the wrath of its users by enabling what many see as, effectively, a yellowface lens. According to Mic, users called out the social platform on Twitter ...and more »

Clearly Snapchat Doesn't Get What's Wrong With Yellowface - WIRED

Snapchat's at it again. As first reported by The Verge and Mic, the ephemeral snapping app adored by millennials yesterday released a filter that superimposes stereotypical Asian features onto peoples' faces, including slanted shut eyes. Many people ...and more »

Snapchat's “anime-inspired” filter is what happens when your team is too white - Quartz

Snapchat is a prime example of what happens when you don't have enough people of color building a product. Yesterday, in the Audacity of Whiteness, Snapchat released a blatantly racist yellowface filter that excessively slants your eyes, rounds cheeks ...and more »

Oh, No: Another Racist Filter From Snapchat - Co.Design (blog)

Snapchat released a selfie filter that morphs anyone's face into a caricature that exaggerates Asian stereotypes–and negative reactions have been swift. On Tuesday, users on Twitter called the filter “yellowface” and shared images of its effects, which ...and more »

Snapchat under fire for 'yellowface' filter - USA TODAY

SAN FRANCISCO — Just months after coming under heavy criticism for releasing a racially insensitive Bob Marley filter, Snapchat is facing another controversy, this time over a filter that people say promotes racist stereotypes of Asians. The filter ...and more »

Critics see Snapchat as having no filter on racial stereotypes - PBS NewsHour

Snapchat, the popular social network that allows users to share video clips and photos in temporary timelines, has come under fire for a feature that critics are calling racist, and it's not the first time. The app unveiled a filter that let users ...and more »

Snapchat's racist yellowface filter lands it in hot water - Engadget

Snapchat's problems with racist image filters aren't over yet, it seems. The messaging service tells The Verge that it has pulled a filter that was supposed to be anime-inspired, but came across as turning people into racist Asian caricatures -- just ...and more »

Snapchat Finds Itself on the Wrong Side of a Racial Lens. Again. - New York Times

With its lens tool, Snapchat allows some 150 million daily users to alter reality and play with identity in ways that border on the absurd. You can turn yourself into a pineapple, a dog or a character befitting a Roy Lichtenstein painting. The lenses ...and more »

Snapchat Removes Filter After "Yellowface" Criticism - BuzzFeed News

Everyone knows the best part about Snapchat is the filters. But a new filter was added that many people found offensive. "Yellowface" is when a non-Asian person dresses up or uses makeup (or in this case, a filter) to create cartoonish exaggeration of ...and more »