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It's pedal to the metal for driverless cars - The Conversation US

When a May 2016 crash killed the person operating a Tesla Model S driving in Autopilot mode, advocates of autonomous vehicles feared a slowdown in development of self-driving cars. Instead the opposite has occurred. In August, Ford publicly committed ...and more »

Tesla says GM and Uber bought 'little more than demoware' w/ $1 billion acquisitions of Cruise and Otto - Electrek

As we reported yesterday, Tesla is suing its former Director of Autopilot programs, Sterling Anderson. The company claims that he allegedly poached Tesla employees and stole confidential information in order to start a competing company with Chris ...and more »

Tesla Sues Former Autopilot Director for Improper Recruiting - Wall Street Journal

Tesla Motors Inc. TSLA 1.25% is accusing the former director of its Autopilot program and the former tech guru behind Google's self-driving car of improperly recruiting the auto maker's engineers to create their own autonomous-car startup. The ...and more »

How does the Tesla Model X hold up after one month? - TechnoBuffalo

The Tesla Model X is one heck of a car. Its crazy Falcon doors and AutoPilot features highlight one of the most tech-centric cars on the market right now. Jon was lucky enough to get one a month ago, and he's back to let you know how the car has held ...and more »

Tesla sues ex-manager 'for stealing 100GBs of Autopilot secrets' - The Register

Tesla has sued a former employee who left to set up a rival business, claiming he tried a not-so cunning plan to steal company secrets and lure away key staff. Sterling Anderson joined Tesla in 2014 as a senior product manager working on the Model X ...and more »

Tesla Alleges Former Autopilot Manager Stole Company Secrets In Lawsuit - Jalopnik

Tesla has sued former Autopilot program manager Sterling Anderson, alleging that he stole company information and tried to recruit other employees to join a competing venture in collaboration with Chris Urmson, the former head of Google's self-driving ...and more »

Tesla is suing its ex-Autopilot director for allegedly poaching employees and stealing confidential information - Recode

Sterling Anderson was working with the former CTO of Google's self-driving arm, Chris Urmson. By Johana Bhuiyan@JMBooyah Jan 26, 2017, 2:58pm EST. tweet · share · Linkedin. Tesla. Tesla filed a suit against its former director of Autopilot, Sterling ...and more »

Tesla sues ex-Autopilot director for taking proprietary info, poaching employees - TechCrunch

Tesla has sued former employee Sterling Anderson, who acted as Director of its Autopilot Programs for just over a year, for breach of contract. The suit accuses Anderson of having tried to recruit away employees from Tesla, with the intent of starting ...and more »

Tesla Sues Former Employee and Ex-Director of Google Self-Driving Project - Fortune

Tesla is suing its former director of Autopilot as well as Chris Urmson, the previous director of the Google self-driving project, and a new venture the two men have launched. The lawsuit filed Thursday in Santa Clara Superior Court alleges that ...and more »

Fight Over Tesla's Self-Driving Pro Shows Talent War Escalating - Bloomberg

There was chatter for months within the tight-knit network of Silicon Valley self-driving whizzes: Where was one of their industry's most-prominent players going to land? The world found out last week when Tesla Motors Inc. sued Sterling Anderson, the ...and more »