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Astronaut Scott Kelly on the devastating effects of a year in space - The Sydney Morning Herald

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in space. His recollections of this unprecedented test of human endurance, and the physical toll it took, raise questions about the likelihood of future travel to Mars. Scott Kelly. facebook SHARE · twitter TWEET ...and more »

The Moon's ancient atmosphere - Astronomy Magazine

In this artist's concept, the Imbrium Basin on the Moon erupts with volcanic activity 3.5 billion years ago, releasing thick clouds of gas so rapidly that it formed a temporary lunar atmosphere. NASA/MSFC. The Moon has been through some rough times ...and more »

“Astounding”: the Moon once had an atmosphere - Cosmos

New study finds that not once, but twice, volcanic eruptions left the Moon blanketed by gases for 70 million years. Richard A. Lovett reports. Share. Tweet. Artist's impression of the Moon with lava erupting, venting gases, and producing a visible ...and more »

US Will Return to the Moon, Pence Says - Scientific American

Vice President Mike Pence delivers opening remarks during the National Space Council's first meeting at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. Credit: NASA. Advertisement. The Trump administration is committed to ...and more »

Lunar volcanoes and lava lakes gave the early moon an atmosphere - New Scientist

If you travelled back in time 3.5 billion years and looked up at the night sky, you would have seen an atmosphere around the moon. Though today it retains only a few tenuous wisps of atmosphere, new calculations show that massive volcanic eruptions ...and more »

The Moon Once Had An Atmosphere? - Discover Magazine (blog)

An artist's conception of the ancient moon with lava venting gases into a thin atmosphere. (Credit: NASA MSFC). Barren and desolate today, our moon was once swathed by a thin atmosphere. Born from geothermal eruptions when the moon was still young ...and more »

Trump's NASA Pivot - The Atlantic

Like ​The Atlantic? Subscribe to ​The Atlantic Daily​, our free weekday email newsletter. Rumors that the Trump administration was more interested in the moon than Mars began circulating days after the inauguration. Leaked memos published in February ...and more »

Vice President Mike Pence Wants to Send Astronauts Back to the Moon - Fortune

Vice President Mike Pence said on Thursday that the Trump administration wants to send astronauts to the moon “not only to leave behind footprints and flags,” but to set the stage for the U.S. to send people to Mars. His statement echoes a recent Wall ...and more »

The moon once had an atmosphere seeded by volcanic eruptions - ZME Science

Today, the lunar atmosphere is extremely thin, but 3-4 billion years ago, volcanic eruptions spewing giant clouds of gas may have seeded a much denser atmosphere. Artist's impression of the Moon, looking over Imbrium Basin, with lavas erupting, venting ...and more »

That Time When Volcanic Eruptions Created a Temporary Atmosphere on the Moon - Gizmodo

Artist's impression of the Moon, looking over the Imbrium Basin, with lavas erupting, venting gases, and producing a visible atmosphere. (Image: NASA MSFC). Aside from some floating dust, our Moon has absolutely no atmosphere to speak of. New research ...and more »