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Forget Apple vs. the FBI: WhatsApp Just Switched on Encryption for a Billion People - WIRED

For most of the past six weeks, the biggest story out of Silicon Valley was Apple's battle with the FBI over a federal order to unlock the iPhone of a mass shooter. The company's refusal touched off a searing debate over privacy and security in the ...and more »

WhatsApp's new encryption won't protect you unless you're also doing all these things - Quartz

WhatsApp made waves yesterday with its decision to switch on end-to-end encryption for all its billion-plus users. “End-to-end” means the communication is encrypted before it leaves your phone and decrypted only after it reaches the other person's ...and more »

WhatsApp now encrypts iCloud back-ups of your conversations -

Update 09/05/2017: People backing-up WhatsApp conversations through iCloud will now benefit from the message encryption by default. First noticed by Forbes, the Facebook-owned messaging app added the protection to close a loophole in its security ...and more »

WhatsApp completes end-to-end encryption rollout - TechCrunch

It's a security project that's taken around a year and a half to complete, but messaging giant WhatsApp has now fully implemented strong end-to-end encryption on its platform and across all mobile platforms for which it offers apps. This means users of ...and more »

WhatsApp Introduces End-to-End Encryption - New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by Facebook and used by more than one billion people, on Tuesday introduced full encryption for its service, a way to ensure that only the sender and recipient can read messages sent using the ...and more »

WhatsApp opens up end-to-end encryption for everyone - ZDNet

whatsapp-encryption.png (Image: Open Whisper Systems). WhatsApp announced on Tuesday its messaging and calling service is now fully end-to-end encrypted for all users, and as a result, the Facebook-owned messaging service unable to comply with ...and more »

WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging service, just turned on encryption for all its data - Quartz

Everything on WhatsApp is now encrypted, end-to-end, for all operating systems. That means engineers at the Facebook-owned chat app wouldn't be able to read messages or watch video calls sent by its users even if ordered to do so by a court. “WhatsApp ...and more »

WhatsApp is now entirely end-to-end encrypted - The Verge

Communications on WhatsApp are now fully end-to-end encrypted, the company announced today, completing an integration that has lasted for nearly a year and a half. The company began rolling out encrypting text messages in November 2014, as part of a ...and more »

WhatsApp Encryption A Good Start, But Far From a Security Cure-all - Threatpost

Security experts cheer WhatsApp for making end-to-end encryption available to one billion consumers, but say more work needs to be done to protect digital communications. WhatsApp's addition of end-to-end encryption is a good start, but does not ...and more »

WhatsApp, the messaging service, announces full encryption on all platforms - Washington Post

WhatsApp, the world's most popular instant-message app with more than 1 billion users, is now fully encrypted on all platforms: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and others. That's good news for users who care about security and privacy, including ...and more »