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NIH launches large study of pregnant women in areas affected by Zika virus - National Institutes of Health (press release)

“This large prospective study promises to provide important new data that will help guide the medical and public health responses to the Zika virus epidemic.” —Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., Director, NIAID. The National Institutes of Health and Fundacao ...and more »

While Latin America struggles over Zika, Haiti faces epidemic with a shrug - Washington Post

MIREBALAIS, Haiti — When the Zika virus became a full-blown epidemic this year and global health officials began to anticipate its spread across the Americas, their worst fears settled on the place that looked most vulnerable: Haiti. The poorest ...and more »

Mosquito bite research: could slapping on some cream help stop Zika? - The Conversation UK

It's well known that viruses are spread by mosquito bites. The details of how these pathogens initially take hold in their human host has not been clear, until now. Researchers at the universities of Leeds and Glasgow have discovered that it's the body ...and more »

CDC and States Ponder Plans to Keep Ahead of Zika - New York Times

Daniel Markowski, a bug scientist in a cowboy hat, has a phone that will not stop ringing. Now that summer has arrived, and with it the mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus, the services of the Arkansas-based mosquito control contractor he works for ...and more »

Inflammation from mosquito bites may enhance viral infection - Medical Xpress

The itchy, red welts that appear after being bitten by a mosquito may help any viruses the insect is carrying pass on to a new host. A mouse study published June 21 in Immunity suggests that the swelling and irritation that make mosquito bites so ...and more »

Zika fears spur a booming market for questionable products - STAT

ntrepreneurs across the country are rushing to turn fears of the Zika virus 1 into a sales tool, flooding the market with a slew of products, some of them unproven and questionable, that promise to keep consumers safe. The products include everything ...and more »

Microsoft's 'Project Premonition' mosquito trap fights Zika and other diseases '1000 times better' than other systems - GeekWire

Ethan Jackson, a Microsoft researcher who is leading Project Premonition. (Photo by Brian Smale). A Microsoft research team is partnering with Harris County in Houston, Texas, to tests a new type of mosquito trap. The initiative, called Project ...and more »

How Zika virus is affecting Caribbean travel - Washington Post

Fears of the Zika virus have a double impact in the Caribbean, where vulnerability to the mosquito-borne disease, linked to microcephaly and other fetal brain damage, challenges an economy dependent largely on tourism. Since January, when the Centers ...and more »

The economics of Zika - The Hill

The outbreak of the Zika virus that has swept Latin America in recent months will have an economic impact estimated at $3.5 billion in 2016, as stated by the World Bank earlier this year. This number may be too conservative in light of new facts ...and more »

What Zika means for you: Assess your risk - Washington Post

The risk of contracting the virus depends greatly on where you live or whether you travel to an area where Zika is spreading. Start the experience. 1.1. Where do you live? Select a country, United States of America, Other country, Argentina, Aruba ...and more »