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HomePod uncovers more new iPhone 8 features -

Yesterday we saw a sketch of the iPhone 8 design along with some new features that appeared in HomePod's firmware, including facial recognition. After a deeper look, developers have uncovered hints to even more of the upcoming features - the new Apple ...and more »

HomePod firmware reveals iPhone 8 design, infrared facial recognition -

With the fingerprint reader booted from the front of the iPhone 8, alternative biometric authentication methods were reportedly considered – including 3D facial recognition and iris scanner. Now we have our first solid bit of evidence – HomePod's ...and more »

HomePod firmware reveals more secrets of Apple's smart speaker - The Verge

Apple's HomePod smart speaker will run iOS — like an iPhone without the screen, but it won't support third party apps or extensions according to firmware posted online. That was probably to be expected at launch, though Apple could still announce ...and more »

New iPhone leaks show tap to wake, attention detection, and virtual home button - The Verge

More details about Apple's upcoming iPhone have been uncovered in HomePod's firmware — which runs iOS like the iPhone — revealing features including a tap to wake function, facial expression and attention detection, and the long-rumored removal of ...and more »

iPhone still, 10 years later, driving up Apple sales -

Apple has sold 1.2bn iPhones since they first launched in 2007, with soaring sales continuing into the company's latest quarterly figures. Massive iPhone sales shouldn't be a surprise anymore, but, yet again, the smartphone's popularity has beaten ...and more »

iPhone 8 will probably include face recognition unlock tool -

Judging by the early Apple HomePod reveal, it seems that the next iPhone will include some surprise features. Apple's HomePod firmware release hardly set the tech world abuzz, but what it contained certainly has. Deep within the reveal were details ...and more »

8 things we just learned about the iPhone 8 - CNET

Apple's HomePod speaker may have just spilled the beans. James Martin/CNET. In 2010, an Apple engineer left a prototype iPhone 4 in a bar, spoiling the biggest redesign to the iPhone since its 2007 debut. Apple has arguably never made as big a mistake ...and more »

HomePod firmware reveals iPhone 8 design and facial recognition - TechCrunch

Last week, Apple released the firmware of its upcoming smart speaker, the HomePod. It sounds like it was pushed out a bit earlier than expected as it isn't supposed to come out until later this year. Steve Troughton-Smith took advantage of that to find ...and more »

Apple seems to have inadvertently leaked the shape of the new iPhone - Recode

The whispers and murmurs ahead of this year's new iPhone reveal have converged on an all-new design, with a thin or invisible display border, similar to new designs from other manufacturers like Samsung. Some code, apparently prematurely dispatched by ...and more »

The next iPhone's screen design and face unlock apparently confirmed by HomePod firmware - The Verge

Trying to pin down the precise features of the next iPhone has been difficult of late. We're all expecting a standard “S” model iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that won't be radically different from last year's, but we're also expecting a high-end model. It ...and more »