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France and the Benefits of a Little Dictatorship - New York Times

He was only in his 30s when he came to power, defeating a sinister ultraright group that threatened to wreck France. Well read and intelligent, he had had the finest education France offered and made the best of it. He had high ambitions for the unity ...and more »

The French election, explained in 9 maps and charts - Vox

We know which pair of France's 11 presidential candidates will face off in next month's decisive second round of voting. Now we're learning a lot more about why the last two standing are centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who ...and more »

In and out: Emmanuel Macron's anti-populist populism - EUROPP - European Politics and Policy (blog)

Emmanuel Macron has cultivated an image as a political outsider, but some of his critics accuse him of being more closely integrated with the French establishment than he claims. Fabio Bordignon characterises Macron's candidacy as 'anti-populist ...and more »

Russian Hackers Who Targeted Clinton Appear to Attack France's Macron - New York Times

The campaign of the French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has been targeted by what appear to be the same Russian operatives responsible for hacks of Democratic campaign officials before last year's American presidential election, ...and more »

French tragedy or farce - 2: A 'republican front' against Marine Le Pen? - Open Democracy

The truth is that the former economy minister has no solid constituency backing him, and no real popularity. lead Emmanuel Macron meets some of his supporters at La Rotonde restaurant in Paris, France, on April 23, 2017, after the first round of the ...and more »

Emmanuel Macron's campaign team bans Russian news outlets from events - The Guardian

Russia accuses French presidential candidate of discrimination after spokesman confirmed Sputnik news agency and RT TV channel were denied access. Reuters. Thu 27 Apr 2017 15.22 EDT Last modified on Thu 27 Apr 2017 17.03 EDT. Share on ...and more »

Brigitte Macron: ever present beside France's presidential hopeful - The Guardian

Last July, when Emmanuel Macron was economy minister in François Hollande's government and his barely hidden presidential ambitions were dismissed as a naive fantasy by the political class, he held his first rally at a smart venue on Paris's Left Bank.and more »

Across Europe the populist revolt is not in retreat. It's on pause -

Yesterday's conventional wisdom: A wave of insurgent populism is sweeping the West, threatening its foundational institutions – the European Union, the Western alliance, even liberal democracy itself. Today's conventional wisdom (post-first-round ...and more »

What would Emmanuel Macron as France's leader mean for Europe? - The Guardian

A presidential win could offer a last chance for liberal reform of Europe but may prove bad news for Britain's Brexit trade hopes. Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor. Tue 2 May 2017 02.00 EDT Last modified on Thu 25 May 2017 06.49 EDT. Share on Facebook ...and more »

How Le Pen could win -

PARIS — Marine Le Pen needs a perfect political storm to help her win the French presidency on Sunday. She aims to provoke it by kicking up rage at her centrist rival, discouraging leftists from voting and winning over millions of disappointed ...and more »