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Breastfeeding: A smart investment - UNICEF (press release)

Breastfeeding is a vital part of providing every child with the healthiest start to life. It is a baby's first vaccine and the best source of nutrition. It can bolster brain development. It can save 520,000 children's lives in the next 10 years ...and more »

Babies and mothers worldwide failed by lack of investment in breastfeeding - World Health Organization

No country in the world fully meets recommended standards for breastfeeding, according to a new report by UNICEF and WHO in collaboration with the Global Breastfeeding Collective, a new initiative to increase global breastfeeding rates.and more »

UK attitudes to breastfeeding must change, say experts - The Guardian

Experts call for 'multiple barriers' to be overturned in Britain – which has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the world. Sarah Boseley Health editor. Mon 31 Jul 2017 20.01 EDT Last modified on Mon 27 Nov 2017 14.11 EST. Share on Facebook ...and more »

Opinion: Breast-feeding for economic growth and prosperity - Devex

Of all the determinants of neonatal development, adequate nourishment is perhaps the most significant and is vital for the survival and development of a child. Not only this, but adequate nourishment, or lack of, has the power to create a ripple effect ...and more »

Every child should be taught about breastfeeding at school to end stigma, children's doctors say -

Every school pupil in the country should be taught about breastfeeding to combat poor knowledge and the stigma about feeding in public, leading children's doctors have said. "Familiarity with breastfeeding" should be part of personal, health and social ...and more »

How to Care For Your Baby: Teach Breastfeeding In Schools, Say British Doctors - Newsweek

British pediatricians say that schoolchildren should be taught about the importance of breastfeeding in a bid to increase the number of people using the method to feed their offspring. Only 34 percent of babies in the U.K. are receiving breast milk at ...and more »

Nursing your baby has significant health benefits - The Jerusalem Post

The information was publicized by Meuhedet Health Services, the country's third-largest health fund – to mark World Breastfeeding Week being held this week. By Judy Siegel-Itzkovich. July 30, 2017 23:45. 2 minute read. > Health Scan: Diabetics who fast ...and more »

World Breastfeeding Week 2017: When Not To Breastfeed Your Baby - International Business Times

World Breastfeeding Week stretches from Aug. 1 to 7 and is aimed at making young mothers aware of the benefits of breastfeeding which has long been considered to be the best nutrition for a newborn baby. Even though it is recommended that newborn ...and more »

Survey: This is how Delhi moms are breastfeeding - Times of India

We all know breastfeeding is ideal for the baby. Reiterating the fact, a recent study published by Lancet stated that breast milk can make the world healthier and smarter. It protects the baby against infections and babies who are exclusively breastfed ...and more »

Breastfeeding Q&A: is breast really best for mother and baby? - The Guardian

We look at the evidence of the benefits of breast milk over formula milk, which is heavily marketed around the world. Sarah Boseley. Mon 31 Jul 2017 20.01 EDT Last modified on Mon 27 Nov 2017 14.11 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via ...and more »