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Antarctica Is Covered With More Meltwater Than Thought - National Geographic

A surprisingly vast network of waterways cuts across Antarctica's ice shelves, the floating tongues of ice emanating from the continent's coastlines. These seasonal flows of meltwater, a part of Antarctica's natural water cycle, have been known for ...and more »

Antarctic Surface Melt More Widespread Than Thought - Climate Central

Since the days of the great early 20th century polar explorers, scientists have noticed the unbelievably bright blue ponds and streams of meltwater that can form on the glaciers and ice shelves of Antarctica and were even crucial to the recent collapse ...and more »

Antarctic Scientists Go Chasing Waterfalls - The Atlantic

January 29, 1912, was a beautiful day in Antarctica. A group of British explorers, led by a 37-year-old Victor Campbell, were on a cheerful journey across what we now call the Nansen Ice Shelf and Priestley Glacier. It was a kind of summer sojourn ...and more »

Hundreds of Meltwater Streams Found Flowing Across Antarctica - Live Science

Huge swaths of Antarctica are awash in draining meltwater during the summer months, the first-ever continent-wide survey of meltwater shows. Although past studies revealed that portions of Antarctica's Western Peninsula were melting at an alarming rate ...and more »

Scientists have discovered vast systems of flowing water in Antarctica. And that worries them. - Washington Post

The surface of the remote Antarctic ice sheet may be a far more dynamic place than scientists imagined, new research suggests. Decades of satellite imagery and aerial photography have revealed an extensive network of lakes and rivers transporting ...and more »

We Just Found Out Antarctica Is Covered in Rivers - Gizmodo

An enormous waterfall at the Nansen Ice Shelf channels summertime meltwater into the ocean, a process that seemingly protects the shelf from collapse. Image courtesy of Jonathan Kingslake. In 1908, Ernest Shackleton's legendary Nimrod team was making ...and more »

Vast rivers and waterfalls discovered across Antarctica - The Independent

Water is flowing across Antarctica in vast rivers, lakes and waterfalls and has been for decades, scientists have discovered. While temporary meltwater streams have been encountered before by polar explorers like Ernest Shackleton, it was thought ...and more »

Antarctica is leaking from the inside out - Popular Science

When climate scientists look at Antarctica, they see a ticking time bomb. If the ice sheet melts, it will raise sea levels by tens of feet, flooding coastal cities around the globe. For now, the southern continent is relatively stable, but it's ...and more »

New Discovery in Antarctica Suggests Ice Sheets Could Disappear Way Faster Than Previously Thought - TIME

Antarctica's ice may melt faster than previously thought as result of a newly discovered network of lakes and streams that destabilize the continent's ice shelves, according to new research — making them more vulnerable to collapse. Scientists have ...and more »

Scientists discover networks of lakes and streams on Antarctica's ice sheets - University of Sheffield News

Scientists discover vast networks of lakes and streams on surface of Antarctica's ice sheets; Surface water drains onto ice shelves that are vulnerable to collapse; Meltwater drainage is more extensive than previously thought and could accelerate ice ...and more »