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US-Russia moon station agreement proves space has no borders -

While the Russia's election meddling continues to be a contentious political issue on the ground, the American and Russian space agencies have signed an agreement to co-operate on a new venture to extend human space exploration to orbit the moon and ...and more »

Vintage Space - Discover Magazine (blog)

The Apollo lunar landing missions had limitations. The personal life support system backpacks moonwalking astronauts wore didn't have replenishing stores of consumables. Once their power and oxygen supplies were low, there was no choice but to return ...and more »

In Space, US and Russia Friendship Untethered -

WASHINGTON — Even as the U.S. and Russian governments engage in a Cold War-esque, diplomatic tit-for-tat, the countries' space agencies are forging towards a future in the final frontier. Roscosmos and NASA announced plans Wednesday to pioneer ...and more »

New NASA-Roscosmos Partnership for Deep Space Missions - Edgy Labs (blog)

NASA and ROSCOSMOS have announced their new partnership to give a boost to the Deep Space Gateway project and build a space station near the Moon. With the expiration of the current contract is approaching, scheduled for 2018, NASA seems ...and more »

NASA, Roscosmos Sign Joint Statement on Researching, Exploring Deep Space - Laboratory Equipment

Building a strategic capability for advancing and sustaining human space exploration in the vicinity of the Moon will require the best from NASA, interested international partners, and U.S. industry. As NASA continues formulating the deep space gateway ...and more »

NASA and Russia Plan to Build a Space Station by the Moon - eTeknix

NASA and the Russian Cosmonaut authority have entered what could prove to be highly exciting talks. Unfortunately, for the last 30-40 years, space travel has been sadly neglected. This is in fairness for various reasons, largely financial, however, it ...and more »

NASA and Russia Are Teaming up to Build the First Space Station Orbiting the Moon - Interesting Engineering

NASA and Russia's space agency Roscosmos have signed a joint statement expressing their intent to collaborate on the development of a space station. Specifically, a station that will be further from Earth and orbit the moon as a stopping point for ...and more »

The US and Russia plan to build a space station orbiting the moon -

The US and Russia are teaming up to build a lunar outpost that will orbit the moon. Dubbed the Deep Space Gateway, the space station will work as a hub allowing astronauts to study the moon in more detail and as a rest stop on the way to more distant ...and more »

The US And Russia To Build A Moon-Orbiting Space Station Together - vestnik kavkaza

The US and Russia are going to team up for a space station near the Moon that will provide a starting point for future deep space exploration. Forbes reports in its article The US And Russia Agree To Build A Moon-Orbiting Space Station Together that ...and more »

Cape Canaveral could host pair of rocket launches this week - Florida Today

Mission managers will gather Monday to review their readiness for the first of two potential launches this week from the Space Coast. United Launch Alliance is targeting a predawn Thursday, Oct. 5, launch of an Atlas V rocket carrying a classified U.S. ...and more »