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Spain's prime minister to impose direct rule over Catalonia - PBS NewsHour

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Saturday he would use his constitutional powers to impose direct rule over Catalonia and remove its regional leader after residents of the autonomous region of Spain voted for independence earlier this month ...and more »

Catalonia: Spain's Mariano Rajoy says he will sack Catalan government, call regional elections - ABC Online

The Spanish Government has moved decisively to use a previously untapped constitutional power so it can take control of Catalonia and derail the independence movement led by separatist politicians in the prosperous industrial region. Key points ...and more »

The Catalan case is persuasive. But that way lies ruin - The Guardian

'Emotions sweep away reason; radical gestures lead to more radical gestures; passion drenches everything; the picture becomes one great confusing swirl.' Photograph: Pau Barrena/AFP/Getty. Watching Catalonia and Spain feels like watching a Pedro ...and more »

How the Catalan crisis could send shockwaves across Europe - The Guardian

The Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, heads a 450,000-strong rally to protest against Madrid's decision to suspend the region's autonomy. Photograph: Quique Garcia/EPA. The battle for Catalonia just got personal. Until now the main protagonists ...and more »

Catalonia weighs up declaration of independence - The Guardian

The Catalan parliament will meet over the coming days to agree its response to the Spanish government's unprecedented decision to impose direct rule as speculation mounts that the regional president, Carles Puigdemont, is planning to press ahead with a ...and more »

Spain needs responsible politicians. Instead, they are stoking insurrection - The Guardian

Compromise and careful negotiation can ease the Catalan crisis. Yet both sides in the debate are sticking doggedly, and dangerously, to their moral certitude. Sun 22 Oct 2017 12.59 EDT Last modified on Thu 26 Oct 2017 15.51 EDT. Share on Facebook ...and more »

Mariano Rajoy: Spain's 'safe pair of hands' risking it all on Catalonia - The Guardian

Mariano Rajoy is preparing to impose direct rule on Catalonia. Photograph: Juan Carlos Hidalgo/AFP/Getty Images. As political credos go, the Spanish phrase “Esperar a que escampe” – “Wait until the weather clears up” – hardly ranks alongside “Yes we ...and more »

Sanders, Zuckerberg and Oprah: the Democratic race to topple Trump in 2020 - New Statesman

Have you heard of John Delaney? No? Well, he's running for president of the United States. The multimillionaire Maryland congressman became the first Democrat to formally enter the 2020 presidential campaign in late July and now holds the record for ...and more »

'People should be abiding by the rule of law' — Theresa May thinks Catalonia should put up and shut up - Business Insider

British Prime Minister Theresa May has given her full backing to Spain in its protracted wrangle with Catalonia over the region's independence bid. Speaking during a press conference in Brussels, Belgium, May was unequivocal about the UK's position ...and more »

Article 155: The 'Nuclear Option' That Could Let Spain Seize Catalonia - New York Times

BARCELONA, Spain — Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy held an emergency cabinet meeting on Saturday to decide what measures to take under Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution — a broad, forceful tool that has never before been used — that could allow ...and more »