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Kurdish oil dispute leaves smartest traders sweating - Financial Times

The oil market has a habit of making even the smartest guys in the room look a little foolhardy at times. After structuring roughly $3.5bn in cash-for-crude loans to Iraqi Kurdistan in the last three years, some of the biggest names in oil trading have ...and more »

100000 Kurds abandon Kirkuk after Iraqi army occupies disputed city - South China Morning Post

About 100,000 Kurds have fled the Kirkuk region for fear of persecution since Iraqi armed forces retook disputed territory after a Kurdish independence vote rejected by Baghdad, Kurdish officials said on Thursday. The United Nations voiced concern at ...and more »

Iraq's Shiite Militias Are Just Getting Started - Foreign Policy (blog)

The Iranian-backed forces that took control of Kirkuk from the Kurds are setting their sights on Baghdad. By Anchal Vohra. | October 18, 2017, 11:27 AM. A member of the Popular Mobilization Forces flashes a "V" sign in the northern town of Hatra on ...and more »

A 'Great Disaster' has just descended on Iraq -

Adnan R. Khan reports from Kirkuk on the takeover of the city by Iraqi forces and how it has opened the door for a new insurgency. Adnan R. Khan. October 19, 2017. Twitter · Facebook · Reddit · Email. Kirkuk's Turkmen celebrate the arrival of Iraqi ...and more »

As ISIS Nears Defeat, Old Rivalries Flare Up With Oil at Stake - Bloomberg

Baghdad and the Kurds go at it, figuring the enemy of my enemy is my enemy. By. Donna Abu-Nasr. @DonnaAN1 More stories by Donna Abu-Nasr. and. Anthony Dipaola. @A_DiPaola17 More stories by Anthony Dipaola. October 19, 2017, 11:25 AM PDT. Armored ...and more »

Iraq Will Remain United - New York Times

BAGHDAD — In June 2014, the cover of Time magazine echoed a sentiment common among pundits and outsiders: “The End of Iraq,” it read. I am proud to say that three years later, thanks to the Iraqi armed forces and the Iraqi people, these predictions ...and more »

How the Kurdish independence referendum backfired spectacularly - Washington Post

When Kurdish forces recaptured the town of Sinjar from the Islamic State two years ago, the leader of Iraq's Kurdish region gave a triumphant speech on a mountainside, with a breathtaking view of plains behind him. Only the Kurdish flag would ever fly ...and more »

Iraq - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (20.10.17) - France Diplomatie (press release)

Q - The UN published a report documenting the looting and burning of dozens of homes belonging to Kurds in Diyala Province and certain parts of Kirkuk. The Kurdish authorities say 100,000 people have fled Kirkuk since the return of the Iraqi ...and more »

Trump's actions are beginning to have global consequences - CNN

Nic Robertson is CNN's international diplomatic editor. The opinions in this article belong to the author. (CNN) The last time Baghdad sent troops into Kirkuk to kick out Kurdish forces, I was in the first group of journalists taken to see the ...and more »

Struggle Over Kirkuk Puts the US and Iran on the Same Side - New York Times

BAGHDAD — When the Iraqi military battled Kurdish forces this week to reclaim the contested city of Kirkuk, the spectacle of one American-backed ally fighting another with American-supplied weapons was not the only incongruous sight. Another was the ...and more »