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A 'Great Disaster' has just descended on Iraq -

It's remarkable how quickly the tables have turned in northern Iraq. Less than a month ago, Iraqi Kurds voted in what was described as a landmark referendum on Kurdish independence. An estimated 3.3 million people turned out to vote in an atmosphere ...and more »

Iraqi Kurdistan oil minister “pleads” for international support - Financial Times

Iraqi Kurdistan's oil minister “pleaded” for international support on Thursday, days after federal Iraqi forces re-took oilfields in disputed territory from the Kurdistan Regional Government that helped fund most of its budget. Ashti Hawrami, making ...and more »

The Clash Over Kirkuk - Foreign Affairs

It is an indictment of U.S. foreign policy that the two major players in the U.S.-led military campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS) have come to blows: the Iraqi central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government. Four days ago, Baghdad ...and more »

Struggle Over Kirkuk Puts the US and Iran on the Same Side - New York Times

BAGHDAD — When the Iraqi military battled Kurdish forces this week to reclaim the contested city of Kirkuk, the spectacle of one American-backed ally fighting another with American-supplied weapons was not the only incongruous sight. Another was the ...and more »

Iranian commander issued stark warning to Iraqi Kurds over Kirkuk - Reuters

SULAIMANIA/BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A senior Iranian military commander repeatedly warned Kurdish leaders in northern Iraq to withdraw from the oil city of Kirkuk or face an onslaught by Iraqi forces and allied Iranian-backed fighters, Kurdish officials ...and more »

How the Kurdish independence referendum backfired spectacularly - Washington Post

When Kurdish forces recaptured the town of Sinjar from the Islamic State two years ago, the leader of Iraq's Kurdish region gave a triumphant speech on a mountainside, with a breathtaking view of plains behind him. Only the Kurdish flag would ever fly ...and more »

Iraqi forces clash with Kurdish fighters in town north of Kirkuk - CNN

Erbil (CNN) Clashes between Iraqi forces and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters broke out Friday as Iraqi units moved north of Kirkuk to the town of Altun Kupri. Fighting began when Iraqi troops and Shia militias entered Altun Kupri in an operation "to impose ...and more »

Why Doesn't the US Support Kurdish Independence? - The Atlantic

After World War I, the Kurds came tantalizingly close to getting an independent state. Nearly a century later, they are no closer to an independent homeland. There are many reasons for this: regional instability; suppression of the Kurds, most ...and more »

America's Opportunity in Iraq is Ready to Be Seized - War on the Rocks

The American contribution to the defeat of the Islamic State (ISIL) has given Washington a new prestige in Iraq. Indeed, the United States has an extraordinarily favorable image in Baghdad. It is hard to overstate the significance of what Iraq has ...and more »

Oil holds ground, settles near 3-week high - MarketWatch

Oil settled little changed on Tuesday, but fighting in Iraq and tensions between the U.S. and Iran kept prices at their highest level in nearly three weeks. “Geopolitical risk supported the initial move higher, but we've pushed to price levels that are ...and more »