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Donald Trump Is a Crook - New York Magazine

On November 17, 1973, President Richard Nixon delivered a speech that became famous for his self-defeating boast, “I am not a crook.” The windup to the infamous phrase consisted of Nixon defending his aggressive, but legal, tax-avoidance strategies.and more »

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Fitness model Rebecca Burger killed by exploding whipped cream dispenser -

Rebecca Burger is a French fitness model and lifestyle blogger who had more than 200,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram.( Instagram | @rebeccablikes ). By Geoff Herbert · [email protected] A French fitness model and lifestyle blogger is ...

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Former DHS secretary's Russia hearing: Live updates - CNN

(CNN) House investigators examine Russia's attempts to hack into state elections systems with former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson before the House intelligence committee. Keep up here: 94. Share. Twitter. Facebook. First to last.and more »